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20 Signs You are Overpacking for Your Vacation

Updated on June 11, 2013
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Time to Prepare!

Thank goodness it is that time of year again - vacation time! We've all been restless all year and trapped inside for too long. Thankfully, you no longer have to sit around resenting your co-workers, friends, and family. Instead, it is time to take a trip (potentially with some of them).

A vacation can be essential when you need to unplug from all of the problems and mundane activities of your daily life. If you are going on a vacation, I highly recommend you really do "unplug" while you are there. A vacation is truly no fun if you have to pick up your cell phone every hour to answer questions regarding work. When you know you are going on vacation, do your best to prepare co-workers before you leave. Make sure they are aware of any issues that could occur during your absence. Also, make sure to get as many tasks done as possible so you can go on a stress-free trip.

Once you have the work situation resolved, it is time to pack. Some people even like to start packing weeks in advance. If this makes you feel more comfortable, by all means, do so. It is your vacation and if pre-planning makes the vacation less stressful, then packing weeks in advance is a great idea.

You do want to keep in mind not to overpack. When you are leaving for a standard vacation (one week or less), there are a number of items you must pack. Since I would like to pretend this information is at least semi-helpful to the reader, a list of items you should always bring are: clothing, shoes, sunscreen, medications, and bathroom supplies. Of course, depending on where you are going, there are always other items you must purchase in advance, such as camping equipment. However, it is important to not overpack. It is a common problem and it can happen to anyone.

Do you really need more than one beach towel for a day trip?
Do you really need more than one beach towel for a day trip? | Source
When you run out of suitcases and grab the Target bags, you've packed too much.
When you run out of suitcases and grab the Target bags, you've packed too much. | Source
Try to keep it simple!
Try to keep it simple! | Source

20 Signs You are Overpacking for Your Vacation:

  1. You find yourself starting to pack your window unit air conditioner since you aren't sure you'll like the one at the hotel.
  2. You decide to bring along your sheets and comforter because it matches your luggage.
  3. You have about 4 suitcases just for you and you can't get either of them to zip shut.
  4. You want fresh water, so you take your Brita pitcher along with the Brita purifier that hooks to the sink.
  5. You decide to bring some fans just in case it is a little warm. You are going skiing in the mountains.
  6. You decide to bring bear repellent in case a grizzly bear should come to attack your family. You are vacationing at Disney World.
  7. I have four words for you: bringing your own pool!
  8. You own a mini-van that easily seats 7 people. You only have 3 people in the van, yet you cannot squeeze another item in.
  9. You want your pets to go on the vacation with you. You have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a canary, a turtle, a hamster, and fish. You've even invested in a more "portable" fish tank.
  10. You can't bear the thought of leaving the houseplants at home. You have 8 houseplants loaded in the car.
  11. You've basically cleared out the food aisles at Walmart and you are trying to find space in the trunk for everything.
  12. You can't decide what you would like to read on the trip, so you figure checking out about a dozen books at the library is pretty reasonable.
  13. You are taking all your nail polish to match any of the outfits you've brought with you.
  14. It's a four day vacation and you are bringing 10 pairs of shoes.
  15. You are baking a cake to take along. No one is having a birthday during this trip.
  16. You are packing a tent, sleeping bag, and hiking gear "just in case." You are vacationing in New York City.
  17. You pack the DVD player and about 20 DVDs. This is just in case it rains and you decide to stay in a bit.
  18. You started packing for this trip around 5 months ago.
  19. You gave up on suitcases long ago. Instead, you are using boxes, packing tape, and giant trash bags.
  20. You are considering actually bringing the kitchen sink.


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