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Days In London: 7 Essential Things To Do On A Trip To London

Updated on May 15, 2013

Enjoying A Trip To London Isn’t Complete Without Experiencing At least A Few Of These 7 Essential Things To do

London is an amazing city with more to see, do and experience than can ever be achieved in one lifetime. Even so, there are certain things that no trip to London would be complete without experiencing.

Museums. London has a wealth of museums encompassing everything from children’s toys to space exploration. You can spend days if not weeks enjoying museums, including many of the big ones, without having to spend a single pound as many of them have free entry.

Galleries. From Rembrandt to Hirst and household names of tomorrow, London ’s galleries cover all styles, movements and periods. Again, like the museums, many of the galleries have free entry, so if even if you only have a passing interest, or like to devour as much art as you can, there's no reason why you can't see the ones that have an interest to you or visit as many as you can in the time you have.

The Thames and London Eye
The Thames and London Eye | Source
Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London | Source
The Imperial War Museum
The Imperial War Museum | Source
The Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum | Source

Tourist attractions. London had many iconic buildings and landmarks; from historical buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the House of Parliament, and St Paul's Cathedral to more modern additions such as the London Eye and The Gherkin (Swiss Re).

See a show. The west end of London is world renowned for its theatre, especially its musicals. Tickets vary in price but if you want to grab a bargain, go to the tkts building in Leicester Square . Tickets can be purchased up to half price for same day shows. Discounted tickets for future events are also available.

Parks. One of the greenest cities in the world, with about 3000 parks, square and open spaces, London has plenty of places for you to enjoy some time with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Maybe you'd like to try your hand rowing on the serpentine in Hyde Park, have a game of football in regent's park or simply relax and watch the abundance of wildlife in St James Park after watching the changing of the guard at nearby Buckingham Palace .

The Great British Fish and Chips. Probably the food Britain is best known for; a trip to London isn't complete without trying this traditional and popular meal. Proper chip shops aren't common in the centre of the city, so either venture out to the towns in outer London or, alternatively, try a traditional pub in the centre of the city. Most of them will have fish and chips on their menu.

Have a pint or two. Try a pint of real ale. The traditional beer of these isles, there are literally thousands of different brews to try. Contrary to negative stereotyping, English beer should not be served warm. It is not as cold as lager as this would destroy its depth of taste, but it should be at least cool. Real ale is not pasteurized so when pulled it should have a frothy head if it is fresh. If it is completely flat, it's passed its best and any good bar person will be happy to replace it for you.

Every trip to London can be different from the last, with so much available to enjoy. If it is your first trip to the capital, or you are a frequent visitor, you are sure to find many new experiences to ensure you have a great time and leave with great memories.


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    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 5 years ago from UK

      Thank you! I'm glad you found it interesting and hopefully useful! :-)

    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 5 years ago from Athens, Greece

      A very nice article, jasmith1! Voted up and interesting! Cheers!

    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the recommendation Julester - that's one of the things on my to do list. One of the great things about London. :)

    • Julester profile image

      Julester 6 years ago from England

      Try "The Monument" too. It’s cheap to enter, and you get fantastic views over London. Not for those scared of heights though, the spiral staircase can be terrifying