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Algarve Beaches all set for Summer

Updated on June 9, 2010

Blue Flag Approved Beaches

The Algarve took a bit of a toll this aggressive 2009/2010 winter. Heavy and unusual continual rains this winter with the help of strong winds kept pounding the Algarve all over. Plenty of damage was done a bit throughout all of the Algarve. In Fuseta beach for instance, 60% of the beach homes where knocked down by ravaging seas that were quickly shifting and removing sands below their foundations. A new channel opened and divided the beach in two, originally where it was fifty years ago.

Summer season is just around the corner and clean up teams throughout the Algarve have managed a feat in preparing affected beaches so it can welcome the over 5 million visitors expected this summer.

This year, 69 beaches throughout the Algarve have been awarded the blue flag, 15 more blue flag awards than in 2009.

But what is this blue flag anyway?

The blue flag is a symbol of quality awarded to beaches that presents excellent environmental and safety conditions.

The blue flag is the result of a European campaign that started in 1987, with the celebration of the European environment, that same year. A blue flag beach is the one that meets the European blue flag campaign standards.

Basically, steps have been taken on a particular beach that is looking forward to be awarded with this flag, to prevent any contaminants whatsoever polluting its waters. Proof of continual water quality monitoring has to be supplied. Good beach access infrastructures must pass scrutiny and evidence of continual beach security, cleaning and maintenance must be obvious and recorded. Also beach users must be informed of water analysis, average water temperature, currents, swimming conditions and local plant and animal life to be aware of and protect posted close to where beach users park and walk in.

Beaches on the Ria Formosa side have won awards throughout the years as well.

List of Algarve awarded blue flag beaches from West to East.

Click on the map to locate yourself in the Algarve

Algarve map
Algarve map


  • Odeceixe Beach
  • Arrifana Beach
  • Monte Clérigo Beach

Vila do Bispo

  • Cordoama Beach
  • Castelejo Beach
  • Mareta Beach
  • Martinhal Beach
  • Ingrina Beach
  • Zavial Beach
  • Salema Beach
  • Almádena - Cabanas Velha Beach
  • Burgau Beach


  • Luz Beach
  • Porto de Mós Beach
  • Camilo Beach
  • D.Ana Beach
  • Batata Beach
  • Meia Praia Beach

Sandy Beaches


  • Alvor West Beach
  • Alvor East -Três Irmãos Beach
  • Vau Beach
  • Três Castelos Beach
  • Rocha Beach


  • Caneiros Beach
  • Carvoeiro Beach
  • Vale de Centeanes Beach
  • Sra. Da Rocha Beach


  • Armação de Pêra Beach
  • Praia Grande Beach


  • Salgados Beach
  • Galé West Beach
  • Galé-East Beach
  • Manuel Lourenço Beach
  • Evaristo Beach
  • S. Rafael Beach
  • Arrifes Beach
  • Aveiros Beach
  • Oura Beach
  • Olhos d´água Beach
  • Oura East Beach
  • Stª Eulália Beach
  • Maria Luisa Beach
  • Belharucas Beach
  • Falésia-Açoteias Beach
  • Falésia-Alfamar Beach
  • Rocha Baixinha West Beach
  • Rocha Baixinha East Beach


  • Vilamoura Beach
  • Quarteira Beach
  • Vale de Lobo Beach
  • Ancão Beach
  • Garrão West (Dune) Beach
  • Garrão East Beach
  • Quinta do Lago Beach


  • Faro Beach
  • Barreta Beach
  • Farol Island Beach
  • Culatra Beach


  • Fuseta Ria Formosa Beach
  • Fuseta Beach
  • Armona Beach


  • Barril Beach
  • Terra Estreita Beach
  • Tavira Island Beach
  • Cabanas Beach

Vila Real Stº Antonio

  • Manta Rota Beach
  • Lota Beach
  • Monte Gordo Beach
  • Santo António Beach


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    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      WebbyAvatar and lifeisabeach thank-you very much!

    • lifeisabeach profile image

      lifeisabeach 7 years ago

      Great hub with lots of info and great links to more in depth content.

    • WebbyAvatar profile image

      WebbyAvatar 7 years ago from India

      Interesting hub.. Nicely done.

    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Glad to help with the info! Thank-you maven101

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Thumbs up for Portugal's Blue Flag program...We could use a similar program here in the US...Interesting Hub about an area I have longed to visit...The attached links are full of additional information and answers just about any question I may have before travelling there...Thanks, Larry