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Algarve Holidays Info

Updated on May 15, 2010

The Algarve is becoming one of the most popular destinations with over 200 km of golden beaches and golf courses that are being recognized internationally. The Algarve has more than 300 days of sunshine a year and temperatures that hardly ever drop below 150C. Traditionally built Algarve villas can be seen all over this region, from coastal villas with sea immense views and easy walkways to beaches, to typical countryside houses set in the hills.

Moorish influence can still be seen in the history of the Algarve. It extends from Cape St. Vincent in the west to Rio Guadiana on the east and is the most south-westerly region of Europe. The origin of the name Algarve even comes from the Moorish term for this area, ‘Al-Gharb’ meaning the land to the west.

This region has managed to keep hold of its character and attraction in the face of growing tourism and development.

The following links below can tell you much more on the Algarve in case you´re planning on a sunny holiday there.

Algarve Information

General Algarve Information that can be helpful.

Over 200km of sandy beaches
Over 200km of sandy beaches

Algarve beaches all set for Summer

Algarves blue flag approved beaches

Golf Holidays in Algarve

A full list of golf courses throughout the Algarve and their location and course information.

Historical Places to Visit in Faro

You will be landing here. The capital city of the Algarve. Take time to enjoy the sights and monuments.

Property for Sale Algarve

Right now it´s a buyer’s market here. Planning to invest? Tips on what to do if you so decide.

Ria Formosa Algarve

You cannot miss a visit to this 18,000+ hectares natural park. You can admire the wildlife here.

Salt Flower

Still in the Ria Formosa you can see how salt and salt flower is extracted daily.

Scuba Diving Locations in the Algarve

A list of the best spots if you are in to Scuba diving. Mind you there are many sites being discovered every year.

Sunken Treasure Ships in the Algarve coast

Still in the diving scene, a list of the potential treasure that is still lost along the Algarve coast.

Sunny Algarve Beaches

Ha, Yes. For sun worshipers. Sink your feet in the sand and enjoy.

The Guadiana River-Algarve

You can take a boat tour along this historical river.

The Olive Tree in the Algarve

Only for tree lovers.

Villas Eastern Algarve

General description of east Algarve villas.

Villas in the Algarve

General description of the Algarve villa prices today.


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