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Best Golf Courses: Central Oregon (SunRiver)

Updated on April 10, 2011

Best Golf Courses in Central Oregon (SunRiver)

If you're a golf enthusiast and want to experience golfing from one spectrum to the other without ever leaving the resort, SunRiver, Oregon is the place for you! Some of the best golf courses in the United States are located in Central Oregon and better yet, some of the best are located in one beautiful area - SunRiver, Oregon.

Let's take a virtual tour of the 4 magnificent golf courses of Central Oregon located in SunRiver!

Caldera Links
Caldera Links

Caldera Links Golf Course

Caldera Links Golf Course is the newest of the SunRiver Resort golf courses that has quickly become a favorite for families. While all the SunRiver Resort golf courses are top of the line and some of the best golf courses in the United States, no matter what your level of expertise is, the Caldera Links Golf Course was designed with families in mind.

The Caldera Links course was designed exclusively for families with the hope that people visiting SunRiver Resort could share their love of golf with their children or less experienced golfers. While again, any level golfer can play on all the courses in SunRiver, the Caldera course is a more laid-back course that allows a new golfer to go at a slower pace and perhaps learn more about the game rather than feeling overwhelmed.

This course was designed by Bob Cupp along with SunRiver Resort owner Jim Ramey. The golf course is manicured daily and this course is accessible only to SunRiver guests, Caldera homeowners, or Crosswater Club members.

No carts are allowed at Caldera Links, thus encouraging a slower paced game of golf. The dress on this course is casual golf - to include jeans or shorts. Pull carts are available.

Cost for playing this course is $39 for adults and $10 for ages 12-17. Kids under 11 are free. You can rent clubs as well.

This course is by no means trivial, boasting 9 holes of 3-par holes - but the yardage is less (averaging between 70 and 150 yards at the maximum) and the layout of the course less challenging so it encourages success in younger or less experienced golfers.

As you can see in the video, this is a family course and a great way to teach a love of golf!

Family Enjoying Caldera Links

Crosswater Club
Crosswater Club

Crosswater Club Golf Course

Crosswater Club is an exclusive golf course that opened in 1995 and has been receiving awards ever since. This gem of a golf course is open to only members of Crosswater Club and guests of the SunRiver Resort.

This fabulous course was designed by Robert Cupp as well and is comprised of bent grass heathland style terrain. The Deschutes River plays a big part in this golf course and it crosses the river 7 times throughout the course.

Crosswater is adjacent to SunRiver and has its own driving range, putting green and chipping green. It also has its own restaurant and lounge, The Grille, and its own snack shop, The Turn. You will also find a golf shop and locker facilities at Crosswater.  Through SunRiver Resort, there are also homes and condos available to rent.

This 600 acre golf course was named one of America's Top 100 golf courses. It has been named by multiple golf magazines for such awards as Top 10 Most Adventurous Golf Courses in America, Top 100 Courses You Can Play, Top 50 Courses for Women, Golf's 50 Best Gold Destinations, and Top 10 Golf Resorts in the US. As well, SunRiver Resort placed in the top 75 for best resorts in the United States.

This course has 5 tee placements so it can accommodate any level golfer. It is a par 72 course with 7638 yards of golf. The course rating is 76.9 and the slope rating is 150.

Crosswater has been host to the Jeld-Wen Tradition in August for the top senior golf players from 2007 to 2010.

Fees and tee times are available upon request at SunRiver Resort.

Crosswater Club was also named an Audubon sanctuary in 1999 - only one of 150 golf courses in the United States to receive this distinction.

Crosswater is a beautiful golf course with unparalleled views. It has received a 4-star rating since its opening.

Enjoy the video which tells you that this golf course was the longest golf course in America in 1995 when it first opened!

Crosswater Club

The Meadows
The Meadows

The Meadows Course at SunRiver

The Meadows Golf Course at SunRiver was designed by John Fought and opened in 1969. This is also a 4-star golf course. However, that doesn't mean that it's not playable by anyone or learning golfers.

This is a beautiful course that has been the site of many USGA and NCAA golf championships. It has also hosted the NCAA Men's Championship.

This golf course opened in 1969 and as the other golf courses in SunRiver also boast, this one is alive with scenic beauty. This course is peppered with Ponderosa pines and lodge pole pine trees. It is not unusual to see deer strolling through the golf course or the occasional coyote.

This is an 'old fashioned' golf course sporting the style of the courses back in the 1920s and 1930s. The Meadows is 18 holes, 7012 yards, and a par 71 course. The course rating is 72.8 and the slope rating is 128.

Rates for playing this course include practice balls and cart. It also includes the 9-hole putting course.

Rates for The Meadows run between $55 to $75 to $95 - all dependent on the season and the time of play. This golf course is open from April through November 1 and they do offer many specials. There is also a discount for tee times after 1:00 p.m. and weather and daylight permitting after 5:00.

The Meadows Golf Course is located at the SunRiver Resort lodge. After a tiring round of golf, relax in the Owl's Nest Lounge or have dinner at Meadows at the Lodge.

There is a beautiful cafe at the Meadows called the Merchant Trader, next to the gift shop and a pro shop full of golf equipment and clothing.

Lessons are also available as well as the large putting course just behind the Merchant Circle.

Further out south of the lodge and pro shop you will find a spectacular driving range. It's hard to leave the views behind.

Take a virtual tour below at The Meadows Golf Course!

The Meadows at SunRiver


The Woodlands Course at SunRiver

The Woodlands Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and opened in 1982. This is another of SunRiver Resort's premier golf courses. This course has received a 3-star rating.

This course is a par 72, 6880 yards of golfing experience. The course rating is a 73 and the slope rating 131.

This course is rated one of the best Northwest championship golf courses. The course is studded throughout with the topography of Central Oregon - lots of water and lots of lava rock, intermixed with deep bunkers to keep you on your toes.

SunRiver Resort and the Woodlands Golf Course won Golf Magazine's Gold Medal for Award-Winning Resort. Woodlands is rated one of Oregon's best golf courses.

The fees on Woodlands range from $55 to $75 to $95 - depending on the time of year and time of day as well. There is a reduced rate for playing after 1:00 p.m. and daylight and weather permitting after 5:00 p.m. as well.

Rates at the Woodlands course include a golf cart and a warm-up session on the practice range. There is a driving range at Woodlands also.

Stop for a bite in McDivot's cafe at Woodlands after a round or drop in at the all-Nike pro shop.

Fine dining and the lounge are only minutes away at the lodge. For the large putting green, head back over to the lodge and the Meadows course.

Check out the video of Woodlands Golf Course at SunRiver for another virtual tour.

Woodlands Golf Course at SunRiver

Golf Courses of SunRiver Resort

Caldera Links:
#1 Center Drive, Sunriver OR 97707, USA

get directions

Caldera Links Golf Course

Crosswater Club:
17600 Canoe Camp Drive Sunriver, Sisters-Millican, OR 97707, USA

get directions

Crosswater Club

The Meadows :
Meadows Golf Course, Bend, OR 97707, USA

get directions

Woodlands Course:
Woodlands Golf Course, SunRiver, OR 97707, USA

get directions

Meadows at the Lodge Dining
Meadows at the Lodge Dining
Merchant Trader
Merchant Trader
The Grille at Crosswater
The Grille at Crosswater

SunRiver Resort and Golf Specials at SunRiver

SunRiver Resort is by far one of the premier destination vacation spots in the United States. However, I think most people would find it highly affordable. The most endearing part of SunRiver Resort is that you can actually just stay there if you'd like and not go outside the quiet community. It is unlike any other resort in that the entire property is a community rather than just a hotel.

There are over 35 miles of paved biking and walking trails, swimming pools, horseback riding, 2 grocery stores to name a few of the amenities. There are also countless recreational activities winter, spring, summer or fall from golf to skiing. There are many services available through SunRiver Resort including bus service to and from and it boasts its own airport. Redmond Airport is under an hour away for major airline arrivals.

Check out SunRiver golf specials for some real bargains on the ultimate golf experience - but check out their specials as well for lodging. The beauty of Central Oregon is enhanced by the weather as nature smiles upon this area of the country with especially dry climate and usually 300+ days of sun per year. You couldn't pick a better place for a vacation getaway!


  • 1 regular golf round or one 50-minute spa session per day
  • 2 night minimum
  • Advanced tee times
  • Includes lodging
  • Includes golf cart
  • Includes access to putting green
  • Also includes 20% gratuity for spa if selected
  • May-September - rates vary from $229-254/person dependent on lodging selected


  • Includes lodging
  • 1 round of golf per day at Crosswater
  • Unlimited golf at Meadows, Woodlands or Caldera including on arrival and departure dates
  • Advanced tee times
  • 2 night minimum
  • Available April through September - $109-284 per person depending on lodging


  • Lodging included
  • Meadows, Woodlands, and Caldera - unlimited use
  • Advance tee times
  • Unlimited cart use
  • Unlimited play including on arrival and departure days
  • May through September - $79-219 per person dependent upon lodging


  • Use once at Crosswater
  • Use twice at either Meadows, Woodlands or Caldera
  • April through September
  • $95-299

Photo Credits

Photo Credits: All images downloaded by written permission courtesy of SunRiver Resort


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