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Branson, Missouri’s Titanic Museum

Updated on July 31, 2008

We heard conflicting reports about the Titanic Museum before and during our vacation to Branson, Missouri. It boils down to this: if you're looking to be entertained, it'll probably be a let down, but if you are truly interested in the Titanic, or history in general, you'll be thrilled.

Titanic for the Kids

If your kids love the Discovery Channel or the History Channel, they will love the Titanic Museum. If they like the movie, they will be in heaven. I highly recommend getting the audio tour option because there is a lot to read as you go through the exhibit. Using the audio option, even my 8-year-old kept pace with me - meaning she wasn't so bored she wanted to race ahead to get it over with. You can spend as much or as little time walking through the exhibit, but plan on one to two hours.


  • Life size replica of the grand staircase, as seen in the movie Titanic
  • Actual size reproductions of cabins on board the Titanic (Wow were those beds small - Even the most luxurious cabin for John Astor had a bed smaller than today's full size!)
  • Audio interviews with survivors that will make you cry
  • Models of the deck at different degrees of incline as the ship started to sink (play Jack and Rose hanging on for dear life in the movie!)
  • Ice cold water you put your hand in to experience the conditions of passengers in the water
  • Artifacts from on board the Titanic including boarding passes, clothing, and life preservers
  • Film footage of the construction of the Titanic
  • Timeline of the collision with the iceberg and sinking of the ship
  • A simulated deck, complete with starry sky, faux icebergs, and extra cool air conditioning!
  • If you're lucky - the traveling exhibit of items from the movie Titanic. This feature travels to the various Titanic museum features around the world.

Who Are You?

The coolest thing about the Titanic Museum is that when you enter, you receive a ‘boarding pass' with the name and history of an actual passenger. You could be in 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, or a member of the crew. This detail really helped our family interact with the exhibits more fully. At the end you find out if your passenger lived or died! It's a great end to a fulfilling experience.


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  • profile image

    Lake Ozark Vacation Rentals 8 years ago

    I have not been to this museum yet but have heard great things about it. Branson offers a wide variety of fun, family oriented entertainment.

  • Paper Moon profile image

    Paper Moon 8 years ago from In the clouds

    Wow, this sounds great! I will have to check it out. KCC Big Country just wrote a hub and posted the link here. Thanks for the info.

  • KCC Big Country profile image

    Karen Curtis 9 years ago from Central Texas

    Thanks for the info! The Titanic has always been of interest to me. I was fortunate to visit the touring museum in Dallas about 7-8 years ago (maybe longer?). It was bone-chilling. I had no idea there was a Titanic museum in Branson. I passed through Missouri in 2003 and knew it would always be somewhere I'd go back to. Now I have another reason to go there!

  • profile image

    Serenity Live 9 years ago

    My family and I loved this museum as well. It is really beautifully organized.