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Campbellton is Canada's Only Operational Lighthouse Hostel

Updated on August 19, 2010

A Unique Lighthouse Experience

Finding unusual places to stay can make your vacation more memorable. Rather than booking a room at a run-of-the-mill hotel, why not check out some lighthouse hostels for your next adventure?

There are a variety of lighthouse hostels available around the world. In Canada, the Campbellton Lighthouse Hostel is the only operational lighthouse hostel. Tucked away in New Brunswick, Canada, overlooking the blue waters of the Atlantic, this hostel offers beauty, nature and a variety of city amenities to create a perfect escape destination.

Situated on the south bank of the Restigouche River with a backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains, Campbellton is one of the most charming and picturesque lighthouse hostels you’ll find anywhere. But if you want to stay here, be sure to book well in advance, as space is limited. Sleeping is dorm-style and each of the two dorm rooms sleeps six, making it a great destination for either groups or individuals who plan ahead.

True lighthouse aficionados might be a bit disappointed, however. Although the lighthouse was established in 1879 as a navigational aid and still operates, the tower has a simple red light (visible 9 nautical miles) rather than a traditional light. The white octagonal tower that now houses the lighthouse was built in 1985 when the city decided to turn the structure into a hostel.

But don’t let this lighthouse hostel’s lackluster history deter you. It’s still more fun than a standard hotel, and once at the Campbellton Lighthouse Hostel, you’ll also find fun activities in the local area. From restaurants and nightlife to museums and art galleries, this harbor town at the foot of Pain de Sucre Mountain has plenty of things to do. But that’s not all. You’re also close to Sugarloaf Park, which boats Atlantic Canada’s only lift-serviced bike park with over 16 miles of trails for all skill levels.

The area aslo boasts a water park, a complete recreational facility, and the world’s largest salmon. Yes, you read right – the world’s largest salmon. Restigouche Sam, a 28 foot tall, stainless steel Atlantic Salmon quietly watches over his own pool and waterfalls. You certainly won’t find THAT in every vacation destination.

Have You Ever Stayed in a Lighthouse Hostel?

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