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Cheap Airline Tickets to Honduras | Best Discount Flights

Updated on February 23, 2011

I have been flying to Central America for years. Finding the cheapest flights to Honduras and other Central American countries became somewhat of a game for me. I would spend hours searching for the lowest price before booking my flight with the travel search engines or Over the years, I got to know which airlines hubs tended to have the best deals on flights. Recently, new flights have been added to Honduras and it has made the airfares more competitive.

Travelers to Honduras will find there is more than one international airport. The cheapest airport to fly into Honduras is the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula (Airport Code: SAP). Ramon Villeda Morales Int'l Airport is also the busiest airport in Honduras, with over 600,000 passengers last year. There are two other airports that you may choose to fly to arrive in Honduras. If you are going to any of the Bay Island's you may find it more convenient to fly direct to Roatan from the US (the airport code for the airport in Roatan Honduras is RTB). It is also possible to fly direct to Roatan from Canada. The other airport in Honduras that you may choose is Toncontin International Airport (Airport Code: TGU). Toncontin International airport is the major airport for flights to the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. The airport is located just 6 kilometers from Tegucigalpa.

Using a Travel Search Engine To Find Cheap Flights To Honduras

Considering that Honduras receives considerably less tourists than Costa Rica or El Salvador in Central America, airline ticket prices from some US cities are very good. Travelocity, and Mobissimo have been providing good results for cheap airfares to Honduras. You will have more success finding cheap flights if you're dates are flexible. Rather than searching for specific dates, look for the flexible dates option with the search engines. As a rule, the cheapest days of the week to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The most expensive days to fly are on Monday and Friday.


The Cheapest Place to Fly From the US to Honduras

The State of Florida has the cheapest flights to Honduras from the US. Florida is a main airline hub for many airlines flying to Central America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. The ultra deep discount flight carrier Spirit Airlines has it's hub for Latin American flights in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miami, Florida is a main departure point for many airlines bound for Honduras.

You can fly direct from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Honduras. Spirit Airlines have regular flights from their hub in Fort Lauderdale FLL to SAP (Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport). This is a flight where Spirit Airlines regularly have cheap airfares. In October and November 2010 flights to Honduras from Florida were only $39 each way, plus taxes and fees.

The scheduled flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Fort Lauderdale Florida leaves just before noon at 11:57 AM. Flight time from Florida to Honduras is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. Flight times are subject to change.

American Airlines and TACA have great airfares to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Miami, Florida. For the period October 2010 through February 2011 cheap airline tickets could be booked with Travelocity starting at $178 return (before taxes and fees). Prices were the same with American Airlines and TACA Airlines, which is indicative of competitive pricing. Most of the flights from Miami to Honduras with American Airlines and TACA were direct flights. Some of the TACA flights did involve a connection.

Other airlines flying out of Miami (airport code: MIA) to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (airport code: SAP) are: Delta Air Lines, COPA, United, US Airways and Continental Airlines.

One Way Flights to Honduras

When you book a flight with Spirit Airlines, the booking is broken up into each direction of the flight. For travelers looking for one way tickets to Honduras, this is awesome! You will not be paying extra because you are only flying one way. It is possible to make a one way flight reservation with Spirit and you will still get the cheap ticket of $39. They will not charge you extra if you are not booking a return ticket.

A note regarding one way tickets: All of the airlines are required to confirm onward passage before allowing a passenger on a flight into Honduras (unless they are Honduran citizens). You can book your one way ticket without needing to provide proof of onward passage, but when you get to the airport to check-in to the flight, the airlines will not allow you onto the plane without proof of onward passage. You will need to show proof of a ticket leaving Honduras.

Other US Departure Points for the Best Discount Flights to Honduras

For cheap airline tickets to Honduras, Spirit Airlines consistently offer the best discount flights. You should have the most success in finding a good ticket price by searching from US cities where Spirit fly. Here is a list of the US cities that Spirit Airlines fly.

  • Atlanta
  • Atlantic City
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Fort Meyers
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Myrtle Beach
  • New York / LaGuardia
  • Orlando
  • Tampa Bay
  • Washington DC
  • West Palm Beach

If you are flying from anywhere in the Pacific Northwest you might want to consider booking a ticket to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas and then flying with Spirit to Honduras from either city. Even with the cost of flying to LA or Vegas, you will usually still find this is the cheapest airfare to Honduras from Seattle or Portland.

Flights From Canada to Honduras

Air Canada and Westjet do not offer flights to Honduras. If you are flying from Western Canada to Honduras, the route I would recommend is a connection to LA or Las Vegas and then flying with Spirit Airlines. This is the route I often choose when I am flying between Vancouver and Costa Rica, and it will work just as well with flights to Honduras from Canadian cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Saskatoon and Vancouver.  Cheap Flights Vancouver .

If you are flying from Eastern Canada to Honduras, most flights will be out of Toronto. The only direct flights from Canada to Honduras are with Sunwing Airlines. These are seasonal flights out of Toronto to Roatan. Other than the seasonal flights with Sunwing there are no other direct flights from Canada.

Flights from Europe to Honduras

The most convenient way for air travelers to Honduras from Europe is to fly with Iberia. Iberia is based in Madrid and all of the flights from Europe will be routed through Madrid. Iberia is a great option for flights from Europe to Honduras that do not stop in the United States. The US has made air travel such a hassle in the past decade that many foreign travelers prefer to avoid landing in the US if possible. Iberia have a flight that is from Madrid, Spain direct to San Jose, Costa Rica and then a connection to Honduras.

I hope you've found this guide on discount flights useful. I have strived to ensure it's accuracy. If you find an error, please contact me or make a comment in the comments section below. Better yet, if you know of cheap airfare to Honduras, leave a comment. It will make this a better resource for other travelers. Happy travels.

Airport Codes For USA Cities

City / State
Airport Code
Airport Name
Atlanta, GA
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Boston, MA
Logan International Airport
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Chicago. IL
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Cincinnati, OH
Greater Cincinnati Airport
Dallas, TX
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport
Denver, CO
Denver International Airport
Detroit, MI
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport
Houston, TX
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Las Vegas, NV
McCarran International Airport
Little Rock, AR
Little Rock National Airport
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles International Airport
Miami, FL
Miami International Airport
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport
New York, NY
John F. Kennedy International Airport
New York, NY
LaGuardia Airport
Newark, NJ
Newark Liberty International Airport
Oakland, CA
Oakland International Airport
Orlando, FL
Orlando International Airport
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia International Airport
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Portland, OR
Portland International Airport
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento International Airport
Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City International Airport
San Diego, CA
San Diego International Airport
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco International Airport
Seattle, WA
Seattle - Tacoma International Airport
Tampa, FL
Tampa International Airport
Washington DC
Washington Dulles International Airport

Airport Codes For Major Canadian Cities

City / Province
Airport Code
Airport Name
Calgary Alberta
Calgary International Airport
Charlottetown PE
Charlottetown Airport
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton International Airport
Fredericton NB
Fredericton International Airport
Halifax NS
Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Kelowna BC
Kelowna International Airport
Montreal QC
Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport
Ottawa ON
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Regina SK
Regina International Airport
Saskatoon SK
Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport
St. John's NL
St. John's International Airport
Toronto ON
Toronto Pearson International Airport
Vancouver BC
Vancouver International Airport
Victoria BC
Victoria International Airport
Winnipeg MB
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport


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