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Cheap Flights To Nicaragua

Updated on February 23, 2011

Cheap Tickets to Nicaragua

If you are traveling from anywhere in North America, you can use the flight connection suggestions within this article to get cheap flights to Nicaragua from your departure city. In my experience, getting cheap discount flights to Nicaragua from the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada was difficult. I have been flying from Vancouver to Nicaragua for years.

Until three years ago, I found the connections awful and the prices were anything but cheap. That all changed for me in 2008, when I discovered the deep discount carrier Spirit Airlines. Oh my gosh, Spirit Airlines have to offer the cheapest flights to all of Latin America. Nicaragua happens to be a destination that they frequently have very cheap flights. Spirit Airlines offer cheap tickets to Nicaragua all year round, but sometimes they even offer $9 one way flights to Nicaragua from their Fort Lauderdale hub. Now getting a cheap flight from the West Coast of Canada or the Pacific Northwest to Nicaragua is not an impossible task.

Deep Discount Air Carrier Spirit Airlines
Deep Discount Air Carrier Spirit Airlines

How To Get a Cheap Flight From Vancouver To Nicaragua

Spirit Airlines do not fly into Canada and they do not fly to the Pacific Northwest. Don't click away yet, you are still going to get your cheap airline ticket to Nicaragua. The two closest destinations to Vancouver that Spirit Airlines fly are Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I have found that the connection that works the smoothest has been to fly to Las Vegas and then make my connection with Spirit Airlines.

Update: Western Canadian travelers from cities such as Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon may find the route that is cheapest is through LAX when Westjet have a seat sale to Los Angeles. Cheap Flights Vancouver Flying with Westjet to LAX to get to Nicaragua is the often the best route if a seat sale is offered by Westjet.

All of Spirit Air's Latin destinations fly out of a hub in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you fly from Los Angeles or Las Vegas, you will be making a connection in Fort Lauderdale. The connection is easy, as you only have to wait in the boarding lounge in Fort Lauderdale for your connecting flight. You don't have to retrieve your luggage or clear security again. All air flights to Nicaragua go through the Fort Lauderdale hub.

Sculpture in the Vancouver International Airport
Sculpture in the Vancouver International Airport
Fly with Westjet to Las Vegas
Fly with Westjet to Las Vegas
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Making the Connecting Flight from Vancouver to Las Vegas

The two airlines that offer cheap flights from Vancouver to Las Vegas are US Airways and Westjet. By far, Westjet is the more comfortable airline. If the prices are similar, choose Westjet. Westjet has personal television sets on each of the seat backs and the flight is so much better overall. The in-flight crew are friendly and the seating is much more comfortable. When you are searching for a cheap flight to Las Vegas from Vancouver, the cheap tickets are almost always mid-week. Las Vegas tends to fill up on the weekends and the airlines have better prices mid-week. At this stage it's probably easiest to use a cheap ticket search engine like Travelocity or Mobissimo to compare ticket prices between the airlines. If your travel dates are flexible you are going to have much more success finding a cheap flight.

Spirit Airlines fly to Managua, Nicaragua four times a week (information as of December 2010). The days they fly to Managua, Nicaragua are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The best dates to choose for low air fair to Nicaragua are Wednesday or Thursday because it is cheaper to fly to Las Vegas on Wednesday and Thursday.

Choose a Direct Flight to Fort Lauderdale

There are several flights a day that leave Las Vegas to take you to their Fort Lauderdale hub. Now, be careful to choose a flight that goes directly to Fort Lauderdale from Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Spirit Airlines main hub is in Detroit and some of the flights out of Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale will take you through Detroit. Unless you really just like to fly, I'd recommend choosing the direct flight to Fort Lauderdale, it's the same price. There is a flight out of Las Vegas that I like because it leaves Las Vegas at 2:55 PM which gives me plenty of time to fly to Las Vegas from Vancouver and get there on the same day, and I don't have to pay to overnight in Las Vegas. The 2:55 PM flight out of Las Vegas flies directly to Fort Lauderdale and the connection is a short wait. Their boarding gates are all very close together, so you will make your connecting flight without having to run around the airport.

Inside Managua's International Airport
Inside Managua's International Airport

Round-trip Ticket Cost to Nicaragua from Vancouver

Choosing this route, you should find your total round-trip cost flying Westjet and Spirit Airlines from Vancouver to Nicaragua works out to between $590 and $650 US dollars, if you choose dates mid-week and have flexible travel times.

One word of note regarding the arrival time of the Nicaragua flight. The Spirit Airlines flight arrives at midnight and you will want to have your first nights stay arranged. In my opinion, Managua should be avoided at that time of the night. I highly recommend that you stay in Granada the first few nights, it is a beautiful colonial city and is a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. It is only about 45 – 50 minutes to Granada and well worth the cost of a cab. Perhaps you can even have the hotel arrange to have a ride ready to take you to Granada when you arrive.

Nicaragua Surf

After a little time in Granada, the beaches of Nicaragua may be calling out to you. San Juan del Sur is a beautiful little bay in the south pacific of Nicaragua. Over the past few years it has grown a lot, but it is still a great place to go for some relaxing time in the sun.

For those coming to surf in Nicaragua, the pacific coast offers fantastic surfing, with breaks for surfers of all levels. If you are new to surfing, Bahai Majagual is just a few miles outside of San Juan del Sur. You can get a lesson and rent a surfboard there. If you want to brush up on surfing you can check out the free online surf tutorial at How To Surf. The website has over thirty pages filled with great information for beginning and intermediate level surfers.

Direct Flights to Nicaragua

From Canada, there are no direct flights to Nicaragua.  From the United States, there are direct flights from Florida, Texas and Georgia.

I welcome your comments. If you have any information regarding cheap flights to Nicaragua or Latin America, please share here.


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      surf traveler 7 years ago

      Thanks Coynea. Have you been to Nicaragua before?

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      I wish I could purchase a ticket right now! Good information.