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Flights to Belize | Guide to Cheap Airline Tickets to Belize (BZE)

Updated on September 6, 2011

Cheap Airline Tickets to Belize City BZE

The major US airlines with flights to Belize City, Belize are American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and United Airlines. Each of these airlines offer the majority of their flights to Belize out of their hubs. For example, Delta will route all of their flights to BZE through their Atlanta, Georgia hub. American Airlines route the flights through their hub in Miami. Conintental and United hook up in Houston.

TACA Airlines which isn't at the forefront of many US passengers minds is a very pleasant alternative and their flights are all routed through their hub in El Salvador.

You may be thinking that it will be cheaper to fly out of the airport hub city. This is often true, but in the crazy world of airline pricing it isn't always true. The pricing of flights by the airlines at some airports are very competitive. If you are flying from the Northeastern US, flights out of JFK and EWR (Newark, NJ) you will find more discount flights to Latin America than other nearby cities. A flight with Delta Air Lines is often cheaper from EWR than it is from Atlanta. That's right, you can book a flight that will take you from New York or New Jersey, connect in Atlanta and then on to Belize, cheaper than a flight only going from Atlanta. In researching this article, flights were over one hundred dollars less on Delta when departing out of Newark than out of Atlanta.

Travel Search Engines

The travel search engines such as Travelocity, Expedia, Mobissimo and other will let you choose flexible travel dates. This is a big help when it comes to flying to a place like Belize where there is less travelers and therefore lower competition. Lately, they have been advertising cheap flights to Belize.

Direct Flights From The US

American Airlines have direct flights to Belize City, Belize out of Miami, Florida

Continental which also handles United Airlines flights to Belize, fly direct from Houston, Texas.

Delta have non-stop flights to BZE from Atlanta, Georgia.

TACA do not offer direct flights from the US. All of their flights go through their hub in San Salvador.

US Airways have direct flights out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

In addition to these hub cities, Continental offer some direct flights out of JFK and EWR. Most of the flights from these two airports are connecting flights in Houston.

Fly to Belize City From the US
Fly to Belize City From the US

Direct Flights from Canada to Belize

There used to be direct flight service from Canada to Belize with Signature Vacations via Sky Service. However, in 2009 Signature no longer offered the flight. As of 2010/2011 there is no direct flight service between Canada and Belize. In 2010, there were rumors of Westjet flying to Belize. However, that did not happen and at present it is not likely that Westjet will be offering flights to Belize in 2011.

For travelers from Vancouver and Western Canada it is difficult to find cheap airline tickets to Belize. Cheap Flights Vancouver is a resource for Vancouver flights.

When flying to Central America from the West Coast of Canada, I often recommend flying to LA or Las Vegas and then connecting with Spirit Airlines, but Spirit do not fly to Belize. The most practical option for the lowest price fares is booking a flight out of Seattle. The cost and hassle of getting to Seattle is usually worth the effort, as prices tend to be much cheaper out of Seattle than Vancouver.

For travelers from Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal, US Airways is the most competitive priced airline. They will connect with their hub in Charlotte, North Carolina. At time of writing, the flights to Belize from Charlotte were only on Saturday. The other airlines offering flight service from Toronto to BZE are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United and Continental.

American Airlines flights will connect from Toronto in Miami and then on to BZE.

Delta Air Lines flights connect in Atlanta. Continental Airlines will connect in Houston out of George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH. United will fly you to Houston as well and then your connecting flight to Belize is with Continental Airlines.

There are no Air Canada flights to Belize.

Flights from Europe

There are no direct flights from Europe. At present, no European Airlines fly to Belize. The airport serving Belize City is the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE). The airport plans to complete an expansion to the runway and the terminal that will attract European flights by the year 2015.

One airline in Europe that offers flights to many Central American and South American destinations is Iberia. One option for travelers in Europe is to book a flight with Iberia to El Salvador and then connect onwards with TACA to Belize. Iberia have just recently introduced flights to El Salvador and the prices they are offering are very good.

The flight to El Salvador stops in Guatemala first and you may be tempted to just book the flight to Guatemala, but you should book it through to El Salvador because this is where TACA has its hub. TACA flights to Belize from Guatemala go through San Salvador, El Salvador.

When BZE finishes its expansion, look for direct flights from Europe to Belize on Iberia.


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    • toomuchmint profile image

      toomuchmint 5 years ago

      Great hub, surf traveler! One of the first questions people ask about Belize is "how do I get there?" By plane, of course, and there are so many flights nowadays that bookings are easy. Thanks for sharing! Voted up and useful.