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Exploreing Untouched Nature in Paraguay

Updated on April 4, 2012

If you’re a nature lover and a traveler to South America then there is a place located in Paraguay that is a must see. It is called the Panatanal, It is a huge swath of untouched wilderness that includes swamps and marshes. They are seasonally created by the heavy rains that soak the river Paraguarí and it is unable to exit the delta fast enough. This swath of land extends into other countries that border Paraguay but the most untouched portion is in Paraguay so there is where I would start your visit.

The rainy season in this are usually starts in the beginning of November and stretches out through the beginning of May. This area during this time is known as the Xaraes translated means “hole in water” which was named by the exploring Europeans that had come into this area in during the Spanish conquest. The Dry season here run May through beginning of November but, the water create an abundant array of watering holes for natural wildlife and is a great time for nature lovers to get some eloquent shots of nature at the end of the rainy season and begging of the dry season

Panatanal - hawk moth
Panatanal - hawk moth
Panatanal - SunSet
Panatanal - SunSet
Panatanal - Tuscan
Panatanal - Tuscan
Panatanal - anteater
Panatanal - anteater

There are towns close by that you can stay in while visiting this untouched wildlife refuge. There are only a few people who really live in the area outside these towns. But, if you are looking for a few things to do the towns do offer many tourist attractions that will let you see the natural beauty of this area from a different perspective. One way is by horseback riding through beaten trails and natural alcoves. Another is through boat tours as you sail down the majestic waterways of the area. They also have a number of fishing camps in the area so if you would like to tastes a portion of the wild life the fish are extremely clean and if done right they can make great peskas. Most of the area is secluded and the hotels for tourist can be pricey but well worth it since the price will include transportation by air or sea.

The most logical and easiest way to get to this remote area of Paraguay is actually not in Paraguay at all. You will start of on the Brazil side and take a plane from Brazil to the capitol of Pantanal, Cuiaba on the farthest tip north or you can travel to the southern side by boat the trip usually takes about 4 hours but well worth it for the avid adventurer.

If you happen to be traveling by local bus or by car beware of the town of Corumba . It is a known town for violent drug activity and poaching among other violent activities. I would recommend planning your trip by going around this area due to the high crime. Not a safe for tourist town unless you trust someone in the area.

From there you can visit the number of different locals in these vast lush lands like the bia Grande, Panyanal the wetlands, the ecological refuge, or momentum. But no matter how you choose to visit or what you decided to do with your time you are sure to have a wonderful wildlife experience like you have never had before. You can travel with budget or in high class. If you even want to you can hitchhike which is not that uncommon for people to do in the area and save yourself a couple of pesos across. Also while there remember that all wildlife areas are threatened by human expansion and this area is no exception so treat it like you would your own home and remember to bring everything back out you took in. then enjoy your time and I look forward to you sending me some great photos of your trip.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your trip to Paraguay. There are many more things to learn explore and see. If you would like some additional information o Paraguay lease visit my website at


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