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Paraguay & Paraguayan Culture, people, and Values

Updated on March 20, 2012
 Casa de la Independencia
Casa de la Independencia
La Catedral Metropolitiana
La Catedral Metropolitiana
Palacio de Gobierno
Palacio de Gobierno

Paraguay has many great places for tourists to visit, the capital Asuncion being rich in history. Casa de la Independencia was built 1774 and is a major attraction to be found in the heart of Paraguay. It was from this house that the Paraguayans revolted against the Spaniards and hence this is considered the birthplace of the Independence of Paraguay. In each corner of the building are marks of the revolutionaries. Visitors can admire the magnificent patio where the revolutionaries met secretly to form their plans.

The alleyways at the back of the building bear images of the struggle and visitors can study the brick floors and the white washed walls. Within this building has been created a museum so tourists can enjoy the country’s history. La Catedral Metropolitiana is noted for its very large gilded altar and religious art. It is one of the oldest and largest sacred buildings in the western hemisphere and dominates the square alongside the NationalPalace. Beneath the cathedral is part of a former Aztec temple with the Wall of the Skulls and the Temple of Xipe Tolec. The original cathedral was begun in 1525 but was partially demolished and partially reconstructed. The current cathedral dates back to 1563, it took 250 years to build. Its façade has a baroque feel with its massive covings and spiral columns, as well as its two neo-classical open work towers. The bell towers were added in 1793 and in 1813 the dome was completed and three statues were added to the clock tower representing faith, hope and compassion. The bells are uncommon in that they vary in size with the largest, named Guadalupe, is a massive 5,600kg. Inside there are three naves, a main one plus two side naves as well as fourteen side altars. Visitors can admire the architecture here.

Palacio de Gobierno is the present seat of the government. Construction began in 1857 built for Francisco Solano Lopez, the son of the President of the Republic. The work began on it under the guidance of English architect Alonso Taylor, though planned by Hungarian Francisco Wisner. It was built in the neo-classical style, abandoned after the war of the Triple Alliance and not completed till the late 19th Century. The Palacio is one of the most beautiful buildings of Asuncion and overlooks the bay.

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