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Filming Locations in Korea (Part 2)

Updated on March 26, 2014

Namsan Tower

The Beautiful Namsan Tower

While watching Korean dramas, many fans worldwide are attracted to visit South Korea due to the many beautiful locations showcased onscreen, be it via Korean dramas, movies or variety shows. Namsan Tower is one such location. Throughout the years, it has been used as a filming site for We Got Married (episode featuring 2PM Nickhun and f(x) Victoria) and Boys Over Flowers (starring Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun). On its own, the Namsan Tower is worth visiting for the amazing view of Seoul. Besides that, if you love teddy bears, you can also visit the Teddy Bear Museum located here! As an extra, if you loved the drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon (starring Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin) you can visit the Namsan Stairs where the last scene of the drama was shot.

Inside Namsangol Hanok Village

Visit Namsangol Hanok Village

Close to Namsan Tower is the Namsangol Hanok Village which is admission-free. Running Man episode 19 was shot here and featured the Running Man members being chased around by the Chaser for the day, Kim Jong Kook (aka Sparta).

King Sejong Statue at Gwanghwamun

Filming Sites in Central Seoul - Gwanghwamun

In Seoul, you do not have to venture far to find a famous filming site. In fact, you will find one right at Gwanghwamun itself. You will find Admiral Lee Soon Shin's statue located at Gwanghwamun Square and this was featured in a 2013 drama, You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin.

However, it is IRIS, the popular 2009 thriller drama which is probably best known for filming at this venue. The IRIS filming led to the closure of parts of the Gwanghwamun area. This scene is definitely a memorable one, thanks to the cooperation from the local government who gave permission for this special shoot for the drama's action scene. On a more romantic note, you will also find this square familiar thanks to a kiss scene from the time-travel drama, Queen In Hyun's Man.

First Shop of Coffee Prince Cafe at Hongdae

First Shop of Coffee Prince at Hongdae

If you have visited Korea before, you will also know that the place is filled with various coffee shops. In fact, you will realise that for most dramas, there will be at least one cafe sponsoring ths show. One popular cafe is the First Shop of Coffee Prince located at Hongdae. This drama featured Yoon Eun Hye in a cross-dressing role. However, do note that the staff are very strict and you will see signs informing you that only paying guests are allowed to go in to take pictures. We satisfied ourselves with just a picture from the outside as we were pretty full after dinner. If you are a huge fan, then do go in for a drink so that you can take all the pictures that you want!


Filming site for numerous dramas, including one of my favourites, "Queen In Hyun's Man".
Filming site for numerous dramas, including one of my favourites, "Queen In Hyun's Man".

Winter Sonata Filming Site: Jungang School

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