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Florida Vacation Spots: Disney World

Updated on July 15, 2013

Florida Vacation Spots: Disney World

Florida Vacation Spots: Disney World

Are you in search of some wonderful Florida vacation spots? If so, join the crowd! It seems like everyone these days is trying to find the perfect place to take their family. It just so happens that many of the best family vacation destinations reside in beautiful Florida.

One of the best Florida vacation spots is a place you might have heard of before: Disney World! This amusement park is more than just a place with rides; it is a magical land full of adventure, thrills, and memories for you and your family, no matter how young or old. This article will tell you all about Disney World, one of the best Florida vacation spots you can find.

Disney World: Four Florida Vacation Spots in One

If you thought that Disney World is just one park, think again. It is actually a massive complex with four – yes, four – theme parks, each with its own theme, rides, and attractions. The most popular of these is the Magic Kingdom, which has a beautiful fairy-tale theme complete with the picturesque Cinderella’s Tower. This park also features other mini-parks each with its own individual theme that will make your family laugh and smile all day long.

For those of you who love technology and the future, head on over to Epcot, where you can tour Future World and its iconic golf ball-like Spaceship Earth. Here you can peek into the future and explore the world of technology. You can also take a tour through the World Showcase, complete with 11 exhibits from countries from all over the world. Each showcase also has a restaurant that features the tasty cuisine from that particular country.

Hollywood Studios is a must-see park. Here you can jump right into the movies, with stunt shows, rides, and events designed to show you the wonders of Hollywood. The massive and frightening Tower of Terror is one ride guaranteed to take your breath away.

Lastly, make sure you stop by Animal Kingdom, the newest theme park in Disney World. Nature is a big part of the Disney World experience, as you will be able to see in Animal Kingdom. Here, you can take a safari, play in the jungle, see over 1,700 animals, and ride rides in gorgeous settings.

Florida Vacation Spots: Where to Stay

Disney World does not just have theme parks; it also has 24 award-winning resorts for every taste and need, all connected to the park itself via bus or monorail. These resorts range in price, so you are sure to find one perfect for your budget. My personal favorite is Port Orleans Resort, a resort modeled after a bustling Louisiana riverfront. Other popular resorts include the Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Polynesian Resort, Coronado Springs, Wilderness Lodge, and Old Key West. You are sure to find a resort that is absolutely perfect for your family. The city of Orlando also has plenty of fine establishments that make perfect homes away from home if you want something in town.


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