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How To Survive And Travel Successfully in a Group

Updated on January 15, 2013
How to survive and Travel successfully in a group
How to survive and Travel successfully in a group | Source

Most of them prefer to travel in a group or with bunch of friends rather than traveling alone, after-all you want to enjoy your trip, which is only possible when you travel together. Traveling with a group of friends can be a gloriously fun but it can also turn out to be a disaster if you don't follow certain rules, like there might be lot of people in your group with whom you'll like to share everything but there can be few in group with whom you wanna live for even a single minute. So instead of been rude to them and spoiling your trip just because of such peoples around you, follow a proper rule which is same for all. Here are some guidelines, you should not ignore when planning a group holiday.

Find Out Their Needs

Make sure you know what your fellow travelers are expecting out of the trip. For example, there's no point in taking a luxury-loving friend on a camping expedition. The result will be endless complaints about bedding and mosquitoes. Remember, your companions could make or break your trip.

Book In advance

Booking in advance is a wise option. Once you have decided the destination, make arrangements for stay and sightseeing. It will spare you the trouble of running around once you reach there.

Avoid Fights

Considering the fact that you are traveling in a group, difference of opinion is bound to happen at some point. Don't take sides when people are arguing. At the same time, don't let an argument escalate into a full-blown fight. Base your judgement on what's best for the group and make everyone understand you point. Are you the sharing kind? If you expect your travel mates to share their stuff, you should also keep your kitty open. However, if there are certain items you don't like sharing - for example, comb, sunscreen or lipstick- don't hesitate to tell them that.

Break The Ice

If your companions are not your close friends and if this is your first trip with them, make sure you meet them a least a few times before setting out. Meeting your travel companions, before your trip together, over lunch, dinner or coffee will help you bond with them. It will also give you an insight into their likes, dislikes and behavior.

Money Does Matter

Make sure to keep an account of the money you spend. The best option is to get everyone to pool in a certain amount. This common kitty can be used to take care of all expenses other than personal shopping. This will ensure that all expenses are divided equally and no one complains about having to spend more.

What's A Good Number?

If you are a budget traveler, choose your companions carefully. Most double rooms will allow an extra bed for additional rent. So, take along only those with whom you are willing to share your room.

Room Rules

It's necessary to make your likes and dislikes clear where hygiene is concerned. If you feel that throwing a wet towel on the bed is not acceptable, make it clear at the first instance. But do so without getting too critical or aggressive.


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