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High elevation Thimphu the capital of Bhutan - One of mystical places you can visit in Himalayas

Updated on September 2, 2012

Thimphu Bhutan


The Kindom of Bhutan where spiritual content and nature combined

Many travelers from around the world have visited the kingdom of Bhutan since decades ago for one and for more reasons.

There are seekers of spiritual fulfillment, those who are looking for specific environment that offers great history, sublime cultural legacy, both mythical and mystical atmospheres.

There are no other places on earth can offer the same distinctive characteristics such as those they can find in Timphu, the capital of Bhutan and some other places within the country.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has natural environment that is almost free from any modern civilization as well as foreign influences. Needless to say, seeing Bhutan today is what you can expect from reading any history books about this magical country from centuries ago.

The Bhutanese live side by side in harmony with the surroundings as the result of their cultural belief with strong influence of Buddhism. Bhutanese value whatever form of life that mainly involve their unequal beauty of natural environment.

The kingdom of Bhutan, home for over 200 global endemic bird’s habitat, as well as around 700 species of native birds live there. Different species of rhododendron, a variety of orchid serves as medical plants may become another thing you want to see.

Just like any other eastern Himalayas places, in Bhutan area you can find bigger mammals like elephant, water buffalo, tiger, gold langur, snow leopard, and the blue sheep.

Bhutan Photos


Few facts about Bhutan you might want to know

Brief Bhutan history

The name of Bhutan came from Sanskrit words Bhotant, simply means the end of Tibet, and the word Bhu-uttan means High Land.

The Bhutanese refer the places they live in as Druk Yul, or land of thunder dragon.

There are many historical items in Bhutan that are valuable and highly protected. Some of these items are more than 100 years old.

For that reason, local authority have imposed strict regulation for visitors to get stamp or certification on items purchased locally, to denote that they are not antiques before they can bring them out of Bhutan.

Currency of Bhutan

Bhutanese use ngultrum (nu) as their currency, and equal to indian’s rupee. In other words if you have Indian rupee, you can spend them in Bhutan.

Flag of Bhutan

The flag of Bhutan has two equal size diagonal sections. The first section of upper left with dark yellow color, while the lower right is orange.

In the middle section of the flag you can see a white dragon emblem holding jewels the claw.

The people who are the protectors of Bhutan are what the dragon represents. The jewels would symbolize the wealth, and the orange colors are the Drukpa monasteries as well as the Buddhism strong believe.

The yellow on the upper left part is the King who has independent authority.

Where is Bhutan located?

You can reach and find the kingdom of Bhutan in the east of Himalayas, or south of Tibet.

From Bhutan you travel all the way down to the Bay of Bengal belong to India in the south, and west Bengal in the west.

Going east from Bhutan, you will end up in Burma.

The total area is roughly the same size of Switzerland about 47,000 square kilometers.

Where is Bhutan on Map

Map of Bhutan

Planning your trip to Bhutan

Do you want to visit Bhutan in near future? Trip to Bhutan just like to other countries in the world needs you to prepare a few things. Get a passport is a must before you can actually enter Bhutan.

You can travel to Bhutan from either Nepal or India. Please keep in mind to keep your passport safe at all time; because once you lose your passport in Bhutan, then you have to go to India to get the replacement.

Next thing you need to find ticket with direct flight to Paro airport. You can find tickets to Bhutan from India’s Kathmandu and Delhi, or you can look for travel agents in Bangkok, Thailand.

Alternatively, search for local agents in Thimphu the capital of Bhutan and pay the tickets fare through. Anyway, try to search on the internet for the best alternative and more efficient way for you to travel to Bhutan safely.

Bhutan pictures


Tourist places in Bhutan

Getting to Bhutan is only one part of your journey; the other part is of course visiting Bhutan tourist places. Besides the capital Thimphu, there are some other areas you have to visit while you are in Bhutan.

This alternative holiday destination, offers you more than just mountain views, nor nature or wildlife tours. There are places in Bhutan that no other countries in the world have. SO, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and head to the Kingdom of Bhutan now.


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    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Vacation Trip, thank you for your kind comment

    • Vacation Trip profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Very well written and beautiful photos uploaded.

    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      alocsin, thank you for the vote and nice comment, I think this is one of the place that worth to visit. Glad that you like this hub

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Bhutan was not on my list of places to visit, but your hub certainly makes it worthwhile because of its exotic nature. Looks like the capital is an excellent place to start. Voting this Up and Interesting.

    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Mhatter99 , thank you appreciate...

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      How fascinating! Thank you


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