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Popular travel destination in middle east : The Sultanate of Oman part II

Updated on September 2, 2012

Desert Camp Oman


The Sultanate of oman travel guides - Part II

Beside the capital city of Muscat, The sultanate of Oman has more attractive destinations for tourist to go and experience the rich culture background that has been cultivated for centuries.

There are more you can do and experience, something that you could never have imagined before. Now, let’s find out more.

Oman turtle beach

You may enter the famous Oman turtle beach after you have been granted permission and recorded at the control point. These amazing turtles are landing to the beach throughout a year, laying their eggs in the evening, and leave before the sun rise.

The turtle beach Oman resort is located Sur, of south of the Arabian Peninsula coastline, and belong to the Sultanate of Oman. The clear lagoon and resort is the best experience you can have, and you are able to stay in the Turtle beach resort and enjoy other activities such as water sports.

The Oman desert camp

There is nothing more exciting than an experience to live in the desert for a while. You may have desert camps in Oman, where you get a chance to stay in a quiet, remote, and desert landscape guided by local companies that specialized in this kind of adventure.

One of the most popular Oman desert camps locations is the Wahiba sands. You can get to this place with only about 2 hours drive from Muscat, ask your hotel staffs in Muscat, or local travel agencies for the best Oman desert camp tour guides and get to live in that desert for a couple of days.

Camel Race

The camel was the primary transport during the old day of centuries ago in the Middle East area. Oman was not an exception, the camel’s ability to survive in the harsh environment, play important role for the survival of local population in thousands of years.

Besides serving as a transporter, source of food, camel are also famous for entertaining, or celebrating special events and festivals. The camel race in Oman, just like any other countries in the Middle East region is similar to the horse race in general.

Nowadays, professional race tracks are built, along with camel farming focusing and trains camel which are dedicated for racing. You may want to see the camel race while visiting Oman. Ask for local travel agent or hotel staff where you stay in Oman for closest camel race tracks and see for yourself how interesting this "exotic" race can be.

More interesting places to visit in Oman

Nizwa in Oman

Apart from Muscat, you might want to visit another city which is Nizwa. Located about 165 km from Muscat, Nizwa in Oman used to be the capital in the 17th century.

One of the most popular tourists destination in Oman, offering magnificent palm oasis with Jebal al Hajar mountains as the background.

City of Nizwa is famous for the souq (markets) where you can buy metal jewellery such as silver and copper.

The natural landscapes, such as the palm oasis on Wadi Kalbouh and Al Abiadh, is something you will never forget.

The green mountain Oman

You can enjoy the beautiful green mountain scenery in Oman, The magnificent Jebel Akhdar, while driving in a four-wheel drive jeep. For hundreds of years this green mountain can only be reached by donkey.

The main attraction her e on The Jebel Akhdar is the steep slopes of the mountain. You may want to go for a picnic and having lunch while witnessing the natural beauty that this desert environment has.


Stunning Oman pictures


The Musandam Oman

Musandam the smallest northern region with 300 square of kilometer area. The headland pathway going directly to the Hormuz strait.

Since 17th century, the great Britain and the ruler of Oman at that time, led by the newly established Sultanate of Muscat that signed a treaty, incorporated strategic alliance in military and political advisory as well as general trades.

The great Hajar mountain range covering most part of Musandam Oman.

Starting 640 kilometers in the south from R’as Al-Had all the way up to Khasab, ends up with Ru’us Al-Jebal, and eventually to the open sea.

Most of Musandam population is heavily concentrated in Khasab. People of Musandam are famous for their fishing tradition, creating boats, as well as exotic handicrafts.

One of the most notable handicrafts that people of Musandam proud of is the axe making or Jirz, represent their cultural heritage and serves as a symbol of their seaside origin.


The Salalah Oman port

The second largest city of Oman that in the Dhofar Province, the Salalah Oman is where the Sultan Qaboos bin Said was born.

For a long time ago the Sultan chosen to live in Salalah instead of moving to larger city of Muscat the capital of Oman.

The Salalah Oman is a hub port where many container ships or bigger connecting vessels to transit as the result of strategic location in Indian Ocean of the West Asia.

Due to its place advantage, the Salalah port has, the Sultanate of Oman keep on developing this area with major development as well as wide expansion, to serve more international vessels to use this area more than just a hub port in the near future.


More tourist destination spots

Popular travel destination in middle east: The Sultanate of Oman part I

There are number of places to visit while you got the chance to spend a holiday in the sultanate of Oman. Muscat as the capital city is probably the best place to start your journey.

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      hattersmen 4 years ago

      Great article.

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      RedElf , thank you for stopping by and leave a comment...yes indeed, Oman is one of those spectacular places you might want to visit someday...cheers

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      Beautiful photos - this looks like a spectacular place to visit. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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      Very informative hub. I really enjoy the virtual tour of the Sultanate of Oman. I wish I could visit this country one day. Thanks for writing and share with us. Voted up!