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You need to catch one of those ferries to Corsica for the best beaches tourist vacation ever

Updated on September 2, 2012

Ferry to Corsica


Looking for warm weather, beautiful beaches, and marinas with amazing mountain views in the background?

All those places you can visit in the amazing Corsica Island. Sound like a spectacular dream vacation anyone could ever dream of.

Those places are just a few from many attractions the island of Corsica is famous for.

What about those towns with so many hotels to choose from, local delicacies from the street market to fine dining restaurants?

Despite the size this island lack of, Corsica offers visitors some of the best attractions anyone could ever get. With 1000 km of coastline, there are more than 200 beaches you can visit in Corsica alone. There are villages and port towns with magnificent coastal and mountain views that visitors from around the globe will remember for the rest of their life.

Porto Ajaccio

Corsica Map

Number of ferries to Corsica you can catch from France and Italy

You can get aboard to one of those ferries to Corsica departing from different locations in France and Italy. You can choose different final port of destination in the island of Corsica.

For example, you can travel with ferry to Corsica from Marseille and reach Ajaccio, or to another ports in Corsica such as Bastia, Calvi and ll rousse.

In case you are coming from Italy, there is the same option of getting a ferry to Corsica from Italy.

You can choose to catch ferry to Corsica from Genoa, Livorno and Savona, to the same destination in Corsica, which are Bastia, Calvi and ll rouse.

More places to visit while you are in Corsica

Holiday in Bastia

One of the most beautiful town in Corsica, find out more about Bastia and its distinctive heritage.

Calvi travel information

Calvi information for tourist, visit the more glamorous Corsican resort and perhaps in the entire Mediterranean sea.

Corte the mountain town of Corsica

Visit corte and its famous surrounding country side and get a different feel that this island can offer.

Where is Corsica France? The reclusive island from Mediterranean Sea

Corsica is belonging to France despite of closer distance to Italy. Where is Corsica France exactly? Located west from Italy, and southeast from the France mainland. On the south of Corsica lies the famous Sardinia islands belong to Italy.

Corsica is the third biggest island in west Mediterranean sea, about 30% of the size of Sardinia. While close to the Italy, Corsica maintains its origin, by speaking French, however the local accents may somehow get the influence from Italy. In addition the local dialects is sometimes different from each town.

Ajaccio Port Town

Corsica beach is NOT the only place you should know about

You know about Corsica beach, and of course they are beautiful. However beaches are not the only attraction in the island.

There are many other regions in Corsica that you need to go and prove them for their own unique characteristics. Staying for a couple of days in Corsica will never enough.

You must visit these places and explore the whole island

Travel to the west you will find Ajaccio town and Calvi, and you might want to go up to north where you will reach Bastia and Saint Flores.

Finally you can travel all the way down to the south part of this Island, where you can find Sartene, Bonifacio, and Sartene.

Most of these towns and region are on the seaside, so if you travel to the center of Corsica Island you will reach the town of Corte with the surrounding mountain.

Visiting historical capital of Corsica, the Ajaccio port town

Located on the west side of Corsica, the town of Ajaccio is where the port of Citadel built on the seaside Gulf. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio and the Bonaparte house where he used to live become the National Bonaparte museum.

This old town has narrow streets, and old Mediterranean style houses, this probably one those places you might want to take pictures. The Place Marechal Foch in the north attracts the tourist most.

More spots available in Ajaccio town, from botanical garden, and olive plantation. One last thing, you should try while in Ajaccio is to get on a boat trip during the sunset and visit the Isles Sanguinaires for more fascinating view.

Visiting Corsica Island is probably one of the best decisions you might never regret. Other than Ajaccio, there are more towns throughout the island that offer different memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and let the journey begin.

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