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Popular tourist destination in middle east: Visit the Sultanate of Oman part I

Updated on September 2, 2012

Find out more about holiday in Oman

The sultanate of Oman maybe considered as one of the best outdoor geological museum in the world.

Oman probably the only country on earth that constituted of rocks as well as oceanic crust that came from the mantle down under the earth’s surface.

The country offers different outdoor activities accompanied by stunning scenery. I think the main attraction Oman has to offer for visitors from around the globe are the beautiful limestone canyons.

Don't forget the mountain ranges, the desert adventure, attending camel race, and more wild related activities that offer new level of experience anyone could ever imagine. If you are a camping enthusiastic the sultanate of Oman has exactly what you are looking for.

The Jebel Shams, the tallest mountain this wonderful country has, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for camping. There are a few other activities that are particular and only adaptable to this kind environment such as camel racing, sand skiing, and mountain climbing.

The list of activities and more places to go while you are in Oman can be further be explored in the second hub: Popular travel destination in middle east: The Sultanate of Oman part II. In the meantime, let us find out what you can do the moment you arrive to the Sultanate of Oman for the first time.


Plan your travel to Oman

Where is Oman located?

On the southeast coast of the Arabian peninsula, to the northwest border of the United Arab Emirates is where Oman located. When you see on the map, west of Oman would be the Saudi Arabia.

The Oman’s coast is made by the Arabian Sea along the south and eastern, Gulf of Oman can be found in the northeast.

The Sultanate of Oman Map

Brief information about Oman tourism and how to get there

Going straight from where you come from and landing on Muscat Oman airport

You can check your local travel agents and ask them any available flights to the capital’s Muscat Oman airport that was opened in 1973 and fully operated until now.

Actually a new terminal is under development and set to start operating within 2014, and this new terminal will be able to handle about 12 million passengers each year.

Alternative ways for travel to Oman

Oman surrounded by nearby United Arab Emirates countries.

When you decide to visit Oman through land you have some alternative ways to get there.

Getting from Alwajajah, this is the border between the sultanates of Oman with the Emirate of Dubai.

The second option would be getting to Oman through Wadi Al Jizi, border of Oman with Abu Dhabi.

The third option would be through borders of Hafit, Khatmat Milaha of Sharjah, Tibat of Musandam and Ras Al Khaimah.

The last option for getting to Oman through its surrounding borders is from Al Mazunah, of Arab Republic of Yemen.


The best time to have a holiday in Oman

I found out that the best time for you to visit and have a perfect holiday in Oman is in between November to March every year.

One of the main reason is Oman will have winter season between November and March, and the temperature is always more friendly for tourists, it is somewhere between 23 to 25 degree Celsius.

For the rest of the year the average temperature will be higher, and so the degree of humidity.

The temperature will sometimes reach the lethal level in the deserts. However some tourists prefer to travel to Oman during the rainy season within June and September since there will be more vegetation growing during these months, a rare occasion for a country like Oman.

Therefore, plan your travel to Oman carefully, pick a season that suit you the best, and eventually you will be able to do most of the outdoor activities, something that Oman excelling at.


Interesting places to visit in Oman

Where is Oman Muscat located? The closest cities to Muscat are Kalbuh, Tawiyah and Riyan. There are interesting places you might want to visit while in Muscat. Actually there are a number of activities and places for you to go in Muscat, such as visiting the Al Jalali Fort and Al mirani fort.

You might also want to visit The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which is the third largest mosque in the world. Muscat also offers tourists to visit their museums, national park, and a lot more interesting spots.

Recommended places to visit while you are in Muscat : List of interesting places you might want to visit when you are in Muscat, this page offers some of the best tourist sites Muscat has to offer.

Muscat things to do : More recommendation, list of activities during your stay in Muscat, from hiking, walking to food and dining.

Sightseeing in Muscat : List of spots where you can see the best of Muscat from different angles, taking pictures, and a lot more.

The Muscat, capital of Oman is not the only popular destination in Oman for travelers from around the globe must to visit. There are more interesting places, sites, as well as a number of activities you can experience during your stay in Oman.

The turtle beach, desert camp, and camel race are just a few from a list of activities you can add into your a must to go places while staying and enjoy the unique culture, the scenery, the food.


More popular destination

Popular travel destination: The Sultanate of Oman part II

The sultanate of Oman, becomes more popular travel destination over the past decades. The capital city of Muscat is not the only place you can visit. The turtle beach, desert camp, camel race, the seaside Musandam, and The Salalah port, are just a few travel destinations you must visit in Oman.

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    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Mellonyy, yes there are many travel destination on Earth that are rarely reviewed this is probably one of them... thank you...

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      6 years ago

      I love travelling and you present one of the best places on Earth. Thanks for sharing! Voted up!


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