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Linville Gorge North Carolina

Updated on December 31, 2013

Grand Canyon of the East

North Carolina is a beautiful state to live in or vacation, from the mountains to the ocean, North Carolina offers up a variety of scenery. Western North Carolina has some excellent areas for rock climbing and rappelling. Two of the top mountains for lovers of this sport include the Pisgah National Forest and Linville Gorge.

Also known as the Grand Canyon of the East , Linville Gorge is not for the weak of heart. United States Army Rangers and Marines do their wilderness training at Linville Gorge, proving it to be no easy trek. Linville Gorge has something to offer a variety of people, each with an individual climbing ability. Thirty nine miles of trails makes the options almost endless. Some of the various rock formations that appeal to rock climbers from all over include: Jonas Ridge, Sitting Bear, Hawksbill, Table Rock, and The Chimneys.

Experienced Hikers

Two of the highest peaks of the Southern Appalachian Mountain Range are Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountains. Each year local emergency crews are called out to rescue over fifty hikers who become lost or get injured during their climb. The Linville River is a must see attraction. Linville Falls merges into the gorge as a ninety foot, multi-level, cascade of sparkling water. Once the Babel Tower is filled with with water, the river travels its course into Lake James.

Mountain Laurel, rhododendrons, wildflowers, and at least five different species of rare plants can be found at Linville Gorge, North Carolina. A Peregrine Falcon has also been known to call Linville Gorge, North Carolina home as well. No permit is needed for hiking along Linville Gorge, unless camping overnight. Maps and compasses are a must when climbing in Linville Gorge, even for the experienced climber.

When planning a trip to Linville Gorge, be sure to be familiar with any rules and regulations that may be enforced. Keep all picnic and camping areas free from litter by always disposing waste properly. Help keep North Carolina clean and green!


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