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How To get Around Germany with Highspeed Railway

Updated on March 10, 2012

Germany is known for many things in the past and present. However, there is one thing that Germany is just starting to be recognizing for its modern and efficient, high speed rail. Thanks to the huge upgrade in monetary contribution in the last 10 years to upgrading the German rail network there has been a huge increase of convenience and speed for travelers. German can now boast about it’s over 40.000 KM of track that crisscross this massive country. There is one unique thing about German rail someone developed the concept of 1 universal rail pass for all trains that run through Germany. This provides you the opportunity to get on and off trains at your leisure as you crisscross the country seeing the magnificent things Germany has to offer.

German Rail Map
German Rail Map

Rail Pass Discounts

Rail passes are a great advantage when you bring your family along. There are huge discounts for children and youth on a number of them. Children under 3 enjoy a free ride.

There is a Pass Called the “Saver Pass” this is for select groups about 3-6 people. If, you are going to a group you can enjoy about a 20% discount of the normal charge for one adult passenger.

If. you are younger and don’t mind traveling in second class you can get great discounts if you’re under 21, you can have a 40% discount of the regular charge.

Types of German Rail Passes

You can visit the website for RCP rail for a large selection of the different passes that the German rail has to offer.

The following are options for Visitors and Expats:

German Rail Pass

Eurail Global Pass: Train travel in 21 European countries

Eurail Select Pass: Train travel in 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries in Europe

Eurail Austria - Germany Pass

Eurail Benelux - Germany Pass

Eurail Czech Republic - Germany Pass

Eurail Denmark - Germany Pass

Eurail France - Germany Pass

Eurail Germany - Switzerland Pass

Following are options for European Union residents:

InterRail Country coded for all German trains

InterRail Global Pass: Traveling to more than 25 international destinations.

German Rail

Germany Rail Corporation is run by one main company. The company name is Deutsche Ban. The German railway almost reaches every city that resides in the German borders and is growing at an exponential pace. You can head north into Berlin then after exploring head towards Koln, then into the Black Forest and on to the mountains the possibilities are endless.

Germans Trains are quickly becoming the center hub for all of Europe. You can travel to many different international destinations. You can start in Paris, then Germany then Switzerland and back. Most of the international trains are all high-speed rail that has been recently built and getting from one place to another is usually only a few hours. Some of the trains can travel well up to 400km/h.

German Trains

There is a variety of different types of German trains that you can enjoy while on vacation or living in Germany. There are the regional mass trains, the international high-speed trains, also the intercity express trains that run 24 hours a day in most major cities. However, just like in other parts of the world always best to avoid the trains early morning or late afternoon the commuters are nuts! One more piece of advice would be to make reservations for your seats during the peak times of the calendar year early. Most of all enjoy your trip around the historic, culturally diverse and wonderful country of Germany


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