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Best Places to live in Germany

Updated on May 29, 2012

Germany is a wonderful country filled with rich historical, cultural and local traditions. It is no wonder, so many people are flocking here to start a new life. When people are searching for a place to live in Germany, they tend to overlook the small cities. However, they have a lot to offer an expat searching for a relaxing kind of life. Each city has its own people, culture, and attitudes. Although, finding the best one for you may seem over whelming. However, I have created a list of the four best cities for Expats to live and call home. Sometimes searching off the map away from the usual tourist or expat locations you can find a gold mind. The cities in this list are unique, but they are a diamond in the rough and are ideal locations to call home in Germany.

Bad Reichenhall

This is a city of magnificent slender and hometown charm. These two factors make Bad Reichenhall a unique place to settle down for Expats and visitors. The city contains about 2000 people within its limits. It is mainly known around Germany and the Spa Capitol. It is set right in the middle of the Alps which provides you a wonderful view of nature, mountain culture and Health. There is a famous resort located in this city where many go to get away from it all. These resorts are known around the world for their ability to pamper and relax individuals with a variety of special spa treatments. If, you are searching for a good mix of the country and mid-size city Bad Reichenhall is the best place in Germany to settle down.

Baden Baden

Baden Baden is another mid-size city located off the grid of major locations in Germany. However, in some circles it has also been able to make a name for itself. There have been many famous people that have come here to get away from it all. Baden Baden is located in the beautiful Southern part of the country. It is also famous for a couple of spa houses. However, if you want to get a good mix of nature where the people are just as friendly and outgoing then this is the location I invite you to look into further. You can experience medieval castles and churches that are more than 300 years old. Baden Baden is ideal for expats that are searching for the perfect mix of history, culture, and traditions that Germany is known for.


The next city on our list is the city of Stralsund, Germany. Here, you can get a keen focus on the real history, culture and knowledge of old world Germany. Stralsund is a place that has it all, from old renaissance architecture to the gothic architecture of the modern ages. Most of the historical buildings in this beautiful city have been restored to their previous splendor, and not much has really changed in the last 150 years. So, if you’re searching for a location to live, that can offer small town charm and historical beauty then I suggest, Stralsund. Enjoy the brick buildings as you walk down Main Street. Smell the briquettes baking and watching the geese fly overhead. I believe it will be a city of impression for you so check it out.


Of course, we cannot leave out the locations for those interested in suburban living just outside Berlin. If, you are settled on living near a major city alive with action, but don’t actually mind a small commute across town then Hennigsdorf is the right place for you. It is a lot cheaper than living in the city where real-estate prices are quite high. However, it is close enough for everything for the average person. It provides a great place for nature lovers and bike trail enthusiast that love the outdoors. It also has one of Germany’s only water parks open all year round with indoor pools.

These few towns are some of the best cities to settle down in Germany. They have everything an expat would need right there. I encourage you to explore them and see what they can offer you. Deciding to move international is a big decision and hopefully I was able to provide you some insight onto the old world charm of the German country side. Hopefully I have been able to give you some great ideas to expand on with your visit to this beautiful country.


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  • baronhertzog profile image

    baronhertzog 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

    Good stuff! I just wrote something on Baden-Baden and I wholeheartedly agree! That'll be my retirement home one day.

  • diamond1mo profile image

    KE Morgan 5 years ago from Arizona

    Vo is Zweibrucken?

    Lived there for four years. It was fantastic!

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    thanks! im going to have to disagree, I loved staying in berlin and found the people very forward and friendly. Sorry you had such a bad experience there.I still prefer the quiet country side to berlin though

  • mbyL profile image

    Slaven Cvijetic 6 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

    Germany is a nice country! Just never go to Berlin, since it is said that there are the "worst" people living there. Voted up Interesting and SHARED everywhere!

  • giselenmendez profile image

    giselenmendez 6 years ago from Berlin, Germany

    My husband and I are about to move to Germany and we didn't know exactly where we want to settle down so this Hub was really useful! We were thinking of Bonn but now I think I'm in love with Baden Baden :)