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Places to Visit in South America - Inca Empire

Updated on April 30, 2013

Wish list of places to visit (Part I)

I love traveling. I like to see how people live their lives. I like to observe how they eat, spend their time for relaxation, how they dress. Most of all I like to stroll in the places I go so that I have a good feel of what is there in that place. I also like to taste different kinds of food. Upon arriving at a place I would check what restaurants are available, what food they are going to served. Next I will check on museums to have a good knowledge of their history. Then I will check what is unique to that place. I usually asked the hotel personnel about this. I learned to read map (lol) and follow directions. Most of all I could walk and seems never get tired in the streets of the place I am visiting.

In particular I love to look at civilizations and the remnants and ruins of it, that’s why I like to go to Peru, Greece and Egypt. I wish I can go to Iraq ( to visit Mesopotamia) but it is dangerous out there and I have children to think to. I have divided my must place to visit so if you have time you can also look at my other article.

I have listed some of the places I would like to visit. I call it my wish list:

Moscow, Russia

I want to go to Russia to experience the remnants of a once powerful socialist state. I want to see Moscow in particular, the city (largest city in Europe), where the seat of the once strong socialist country. I will go and see St. Petersburg and go to their museum so I can take a peek of their history and Moscow of course. I want to see the monument of Stalin and I want to look at architectures, building and have a taste of Russian vodka (direct from the source). I will go to Kremlin and see the Cathedral Square, which were worshipped in by the Tsars and their families. I also want to see the Red Square (look at Lenin’s tomb) and changing of the guards at Eternal flame. My friend told me I must visit Sparrow Hill to see the city and its vastness.

Red Square and Kremlin Wall. Moscow, Russia (courtesy of  photos/  31408091@N06/  3262203476/)
Red Square and Kremlin Wall. Moscow, Russia (courtesy of photos/ 31408091@N06/ 3262203476/)

Brazil or any part of South America

I want to go to Brazil too, to see the amazing natural environmental beauty of the place and Rio de Janeiro. It has to be shooting two birds with one stone, Olympics 2016 and nature tripping. (Not that I wish I can go to Amazon but why not?) I need to learn to swim faster first and not be scared of snakes (lol). I will practice to say thank you and hello/hi in Portuguese. I can also dance samba and go to Copacabana (most people go there), maybe it is crowded there. I can save now and attend the 2016 Olympics to be held there. I miss the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (am out Asia by then). I promised myself I have to watched one Olympics in my life. I cant afford London on 2012 and Chicago lost its bid on 2016. Anyway if I cant still go to Brazil on 2016 then I still have many time left.


I would also like to visit Mexico (Ciudad de Mexico) to have a taste of their culture there. Mexico and Manila (my hometown), served as trading partner in the 18th - 19th century (the Galleon trade). They were both colonized by Spain, so I would like to take a look at that place, to quenched my thirst for history.


I want to see the remnants of the Inca empire and the empire by the Spain and besides it is relatively cheaper to travel there also. I will visit the Sacred Valley, which was the ancient pathway between the Inca Empire centers of Machu Picchu and Cusco, you can see the relics and ruins of the Inca empire there.

Machu Pichu-Inca empire picture courtesy of photobucket
Machu Pichu-Inca empire picture courtesy of photobucket

I want to go to Austria or Switzerland

Since they are very near to each other I will visit Austria first. I like to see the rolling hills in Austria (I was inspired by Maria Von Trapp, Sound of Music film). I would like to experience what is it to live in the highest quality of life places (as ranked by United Nations). I like to see the building of United Nations there too.

I would like to have a trip to The Danube Valley from Vienna (capital of Austria) , they say it reveals the exquisite beauty of the Wachau Valley. I want to visit that too. I told you I like to watch scenic places, non stop rolling hills. My friend who went there said I can also see the gorgeous Austrian countryside. For my cultural taste also I would like to watch the concert Vienna Mozart at the Musikverein, they say that it re-creates the 18th century in this historic concert hall.

In Switzerland, I would like to visit and go to the different offices of many international organizations, like Red Cross, UN Office, World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum. I would to have a feel on what it would be like to live in a neutral country. Of course everybody would like to see the snow-capped Alps. I go and see look at that.




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