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Amazing Australia: What To See in Australia

Updated on December 9, 2012

Amazing Australia: My travel to the deep down under

So what did I discover when I went to Australia?

  1. The capital is Canberra and not Sydney
  2. Part of their legacies and history are the aborigines and the British legacy
  3. They have a canine called dingo. The kangaroo, koala and the Tasmanian devil resides there (lol)
  4. I saw kangaroos crossing the roads in the outskirts of Canberra
  5. The type of government is Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
  6. They are very near New Zealand
  7. There are many groups of people with different ethnic background in the area, they have multi-ethnic culture
  8. You drive on the left side
  9. Its uniqueness. The climate is directly opposite that of the west (of course they are in the South Pole). There are diversity in the weather, hot in Darwin and it gets so cold in Hobart. Flora and fauna is huge and diverse. I like the dingo, koala and Tasmanian devil and of course their crocodiles (who cant forget Steve Irwin)?
  10. It is both a country and a continent
  11. Aussies just love and are crazy for sports, they love adventure and outdoor activities


The first time I went out of the country, I was nervous to leave my children for a month. (although I am used traveling officially and staying out of town, country for less than a month). I dreaded to think, what if they get sick or something goes wrong? My friend encouraged me to go and she told me once, you work full time and always stay at the office long hours so why not explore the world she said, it is free anyway and you have opportunity to visit places, unwind and relax at the same time, Wow. So I followed her advise and little did I know I love traveling (whew it is expensive though). I learnt so much about other culture that I came to appreciate everyone and their legacy. I learnt about history by visiting their museums and in turn I learn about their way of life.

Sydney by night, harbour
Sydney by night, harbour

I had the opportunity to visit Australia because I was funded by the University of New South Wales at Sydney for almost two weeks to attend a seminar and present a research paper thereafter, but I spend some 6 weeks there, the remaining days after my seminar I spent it in Canberra (the capital of Australia) and Sydney of course. I came there from September to October so it is mid spring there. Their weather is opposite the weather in northern countries.

Upon arrival at the airport, I can see some banner stating 'Amazing Australia ' all over, I wonder what awaits me and I get excited. Aside from the fact that I know their flag has a union jack on it and they were once connected to the Great Britain I really have no idea what is all about this amazing place. All I know about Australia is that they have singer named Kylie Minogue and actors Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman (wife of Tom Cruise before).

The Sydney airport is the most crowded airport I have been too aside from Paris. Many tourists go to Australia. They also check on your baggage if you have brought some food items. They explained that they needed to check for foods and items brought by people from all over the world because Australia is separated from the rest of the world and they don’t want contamination or sickness.

So what did I saw in Australia? Was I amazed, yes I was. I was smiling when they greeted me G’day. I know I was in Australia then. (They pronounced a for I (eye).).

I saw people who love sports and they considered it as part of their lives. They are very lovely, warm and lively people. They live by sports. They love cricket , football, horse racing, motor sports, water sports, rugby etc. All kinds of sports. Everybody of us has a glimpse of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where Cathy Freeman who carry the torch, (they have shown their respect to the aborigines when they let her do it because she is a symbol of a true talented woman who is into sports, and aside form that she is an aborigine and she did fight for the aborigines).

“People just love outdoor activities. Be it swimming, hiking, biking, camping etc.

About food they love having barbecues outside and sausages too. They love vegemite on toasts and they also like mixture of Asian foods--noodles and spicy ones. Australian foods are a mixture of Mediterranean and Asian influences plus of course British influences. They also have holidays similar to British holidays.

Due to its unique environmental situation, Australia signed and joined the Kyoto protocol to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases,

kangaroo at Australian National Zoo, Canberra
kangaroo at Australian National Zoo, Canberra

I went to the Bondi beach in Sydney and there were many people at that time Of course I need to go to Sydney Harbour (beautiful harbour indeed). I also saw the Harbour and The Rocks through the top of the Pylon tower. The Opera House is also near this area. It is very lively there and there are lots of people from all walks of life form all parts of the world.

In Canberra, the commonwealth capital, I watched parliamentary proceedings and went to Australian National Zoo. They have unique animals and large collections of it too. I also went to National Museum of Australia where I finally read the history of Australia and its aborigines. I got to see the Australian War Memorial. I also visited the Australian National University in Canberra. It is hub for international students from all over the world specializing in different fields. Australia is also known for scientific and medical researches in cancer technology etc.



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