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Vacation Traveling Tips - How to Get the Most of Your Vacation Trip

Updated on August 29, 2012

Tips on what to do when you travel for vacation

An average person in any economy works 25 to 40 hours per week. They usually work hard during the summer season and have some sort of vacation to a warmer country during the winter. The saying goes, all work and no play make us a dull person. Some can have a vacation once a year if they are lucky some would get it more than that. For some of us, we like to work hard and play even harder.

The much needed rest and vacation is done for several reason i.e, for relaxation, to get off that vacation leave which are not use, for rejuvenation and savor the nature etc. Whatever the reason is, we need a well plan vacation so we can really relax and enjoy. If we want to spend it in another place/country there are some necessary precautions and things needed to keep in mind as preparation. The purpose of this article is to give some tips on what to bring, what are the things you need to know about the place and what to expect when traveling specially to a place which we have never been before. There is always a first timer among us. When you have a well planned vacation you can really relax, sit and enjoy it.

Hawaii (photto courtesy of photobucket)
Hawaii (photto courtesy of photobucket)

Tips When One is Traveling

You need to have a budget, that’s the first thing to consider, a place which you can afford to visit, putting in mind transportation costs (also local transportation cost), food and lodging while there.

Then you decide on the dates of your planned trips, this is very crucial for your hotel accommodation, booking and flight reservations. Booking in advance for flight gets you a leeway for some discounts, and as such flights are cheaper. For hotel booking, scour and search the internet for hotel available in the area, usually there are decent ones and cheaper. Look for reviews of the hotel you choose to stay. The hotel should be accessible to local transportation etc. Ask the help of the hotel you are going to stay to secure you transportation from airport to the hotel and back and forth. Decide also in advance whether you are going to stay for the whole duration in that hotel. You might want to visit another place which is far from the hotel and you will need another accommodation.

Check on the local currency and foreign exchange. It is better if you get local money in your own bank. Just get ample amount of money as credit is accepted everywhere in the world nowadays.

If you don’t have a passport yet, check if you need one for entry, secure six months in advance prior to getting book on hotel and flights etc.

Check on visa requirements, try to get one four months in advance depending on the necessary requirement they need (usually embassy websites are posted in the internet and it is very easy to search for them)

Plan your day to day activity, the time, what place to visit etc.

Have a research on the place you are going to go, the present weather, kinds of food available (restaurants available), drinking water

Secure a local map at the bookstore so you know what are the available places to visit or if you arrive at the area go to their municipal/city hall office and secure a booklet. People in that office will surely accommodate you.

Bring some medicines for diarrhea, headache and fever just in case

For clothing, check the weather condition during that time of your visit. Rubber shoes are recommended but you need to bring one formal clothes just in case. Bring lighter clothes only. Baggage should be minimal and easy to pack. Toiletries, shave, cosmetics and the like are available locally, just bring which are essential.

If you are riding the plane, check on your baggage and the restrictions on things which are allowed. Always bring a valid ID, (drivers license should be ok) a visa (if needed), passport and ticket to the plane etc. Always secure them and put them where they are accessible if you don’t have a belt bag. Passport, visa, ID should always be secured anywhere you go.

Try to have a background check on some culture like custom and tradition in the area. It will help if you are courteous and always wear a smile when you are there already.

If you decide to bring a cell phone be sure to talk to your provider and see the option to avoid getting ripped off.

If you need to bring a laptop ask the hotel first about the internet connections and it should be hand carried for check in purposes at the airport

Get a local number for your embassy just in case.

Tell at least a friend or a family member where you are going or staying.

and lastly:

Dont forget a camera with spare battery (lol).

And now you are ready to go, lastly you need to bring yourself. Amidst all the preparation in the end it will be really worth it


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    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 5 years ago from US

      Thanks for visiting me and my hubs. It is always good to see and talk to you! You take care and you make me shy now, :) :)

    • Niteriter profile image

      Niteriter 5 years ago from Canada

      Hey, Maita, I know I'm way past due for visiting your Hubs. I am a very bad fan; I am very sorry. My falling tears now stain my keyboard.

      I've just finished going through a bunch of your newer entries and I must say, you are as consistent as ever. You are very thorough in researching your material and your resulting Hubs are always excellent. I applaud you with the greatest of sincerity.

      If I could be half as disciplined as you I would be a much better Hubber. Again, I am very sorry. I beg you to let me live just a little while longer. I'll be better from now on, honest I will.

      I'm glad I encountered you in the forums the other day. I hope you are well. Best wishes as always.


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