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Purple Toad winery- Paducah, Kentucky

Updated on November 21, 2012
The Purple toad, Paducah Kentucky
The Purple toad, Paducah Kentucky | Source

A great place to whine oppps I mean wine!

I have mentioned this winery before while telling of interesting places to visit on a road trip. However, now I have to really boast about the place.

We tasted their various wines while visiting the winery, however it doesn't compare to arriving back home, sharing one of their wines with our daughter and daughter-in-law and finding they were as excited about the flavor as we are! They both want to order some to be shipped from Kentucky to their homes here in California, so we are going to put in an order together.

I have never been to excited about a wine that I would think of contacting them later to order a few bottles!

The Purple Toad is a family owned winery in Paducah, Kentucky. We didn't even know wine was made in Kentucky! One of the owners, June Dossey was our tasting hostess and she was a wonderful hostess. She told us the story of how they began the winery, and was very generous with both her wine and time. We felt like old friends by the time we walked out with two bottles of the Paducah Peach, This is a combination of Chardonnay and Peach with the flavor of a fresh picked peach. It is white so you must chill it to get the true delightful flavor. Cost is just $12.97 each and well worth it.

4275 Old Highway 45 S. Paducah, Kentucky.

5 stars for Paducah Peach wine


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