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Reasons Why You Should Purchase Travel Insurace on Your Next Cruise Trip

Updated on January 9, 2010

Food-borne illnesses may ruin a cruise

Reasons to purchase travel insurance on cruises,mcconners,
Reasons to purchase travel insurance on cruises,mcconners,

As much as a cruise is associated with feelings of relaxation and contentment, it is unfortunate that as with any other means of travel, there are chances for many things to go wrong. Unexpected circumstances due to an adverse twist of fate may turn a much anticipated vacation into a spiral of bad memories. Because this is the way life goes at times, travel insurance may be your best friend in spite of bad luck. 

There are several circumstances where you may have wished you would have listened to your travel agent and  opted to purchase travel insurance for your cruise. While the cost of insurance may add up to the overall price of your trip, the money may be well worth in the face of unpredictable circumstances. Following are some unexpected circumstances where passengers may have wished they had purchased insurance against such calamities.

Travel Coverage for Unforseen Circumstances

-You are diabetic and your  luggage has turned out to be missing and of course, it is right the one containing your insulin.

-You eat a batch of cream filled pastries from the cruise ship's buffet and you and other passengers begin to suffer from a food-borne disease.

- Your trip is delayed or cancelled due to a hurricane landing right on the Bahamas.

-You twist your ankle will getting out of the swimming pool and require medical attention.

- Your wallet and passport is stolen at you port of call and you have no money left.

Travel insurance therefore covers unforeseen circumstances giving passengers priceless peace of mind.  Indeed, travel insurance will cover a large amount of unexpected problems such as illnesses, cancelled flights, accidents, weather related issues and some may even cover  acts of terrorism. The most comprehensive plans may even cover lost  or stolen baggage, emergency medical transportation,

One of the best features of travel insurance is that it often offers trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage. A  passenger therefore who is forced to cancel the trip or interrupt it prematurely, will be legible for reimbursement. Of course such cancellations must be reasonable such as the passenger (or his traveling companion) gets hurt or sick and the doctor strongly advises him not to travel, or the passenger is struggling with finances because he just got laid off after at least one year of employment. Obviously in order for the insurance to accept such claims they must be backed up with documentation.

One interesting option offered by some travel insurances are the ''cancel for any reason'' plans, In this case, you are free to cancel your trip simply because you no longer feel like traveling, you are afraid of getting sea sick, or you have just simply changed your mind and want to try another cruise line.

Price -wise,  travel insurance typically costs anywhere between five and seven percent of the total cost of the cruise. There may be variables based on the length of the trip and the age of the traveler. While the temptation to say no to travel insurance because of these costs may strong, the simple thought of how much a an emergency trip via helicopter from a cruise ship may cost may be make these costs appear ridiculously low. 

Travel insurance therefore is highly recommended. While a cruise is certainly a safe and great way to travel, nothing in life can be predicted and this is what travel insurance is all about.  While your cruise trip may be uneventful and you return relaxed an happy, part of these positive feelings may be attributed to peace of mind.


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