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Shopping in Malaysia: 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Updated on February 26, 2014

Various Dining Options at 1 Utama

Cha soba at one of the Japanese restaurants in 1 Utama.
Cha soba at one of the Japanese restaurants in 1 Utama.

1 Utama: The World's Fourth Largest Shopping Mall

For frequent visitors to Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang is definitely a well-known place to head to for shopping. However, there are many other places with great shopping to offer and 1 Utama is one great choice! 1 Utama is currently the world's fourth largest shopping mall. Due to its size, you can definitely expect to spend a lot of hours here shopping, eating and relaxing with your family and friends.

Rules to Adhere to in 1 Utama's Secret Garden

Detest Shopping but love to Exercise?

Well, how about those who are not shopaholics? Don't fret. You will find something to do at 1 Utama too! Asia's largest rock climbing facility is located here along with bowling alleys, batting cages and even futsal courts! You are guaranteed to burn some fat as long as you are willing!

Inside 1 Utama's Secret Garden

Relax at 1 Utama's Rooftop Garden

Once, when I was shopping at 1 Utama I came across a mysterious signboard. I ended up following in the direction given on the signboard and discovered a gem amidst all the shops! It is an awesome place to relax after many hours of shopping. If you have visited 1 Utama numerous times but have no idea what I am talking about, then it is time to head for the shopping mall's Secret Garden which is actually a 30,000 sq ft rooftop garden with 500 species of plants. When it gets too hot and humid, the comfort of air-conditioning is just a door away.

Transportation Hub at 1 Utama

Besides the usual services, you will also realise that 1 Utama is a transportation hub. For travellers heading towards the Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Low Cost Carrier Terminal (better known as LCCT), you can easily take the Skybus shuttle here. For those heading to Singapore or Penang, you can take the Aeroline bus. There is also an express bus service to Genting Highlands. Personally, I have taken buses from 1 Utama to LCCT and also to Singapore. It was a breeze! Before boarding the buses, you can pack some food from the many bakeries or shops in the mall.

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