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Time To Take A Disney Cruise Line Vacation

Updated on July 11, 2010

If you are thinking about going on a cruise vacation then you should definitely look into what Disney has to offer. They are extending their number of ships but to start off with, here is some information about two of the finest ships in the Disney Cruise Line family - The Disney Wonder and The Disney Magic.

Disney Wonder Cruise Line

The Disney Wonder was launched in 1999. On offer is a choice between a 3 night cruise or a 4 night cruise. There is the opportunity to visit different Caribbean islands during your vacation including a short stop at Castaway key, which is the island that is privately owned by Disney.

The difference between the 3 and 4 night cruises is that you will get to spend an extra day and night out at sea. You do not have to fear because there are a vast amount of on board activities and entertainment that will keep guests of all ages thoroughly engaged.

Future plans for the Disney Wonder mean that its whole itinerary will soon change. In 2010 you will be able to enjoy 5 night cruises. There will be two 2 different choices of destinations routes that you can opt for depending on when you decide to travel. Check out the travel schedule so that you get to visit the islands that you really want to see.

Take a trip on a Disney Cruise vacation
Take a trip on a Disney Cruise vacation
photo credit: Lemoncat1

Disney Magic Cruise Line

If you would prefer the chance of going to sea for a few days longer, then maybe the Disney Magic is the ship for you. The option of a weekly cruise allows you more time to visit more Caribbean islands as well as spend more time out on the ocean wave. There is the chance of more formal events on board the ship including a meal hosted by the Captain.

Disney Magic took its maiden voyage in the late 1990s and has the capacity to accommodate up to 2,400 passengers at a time. That does not even include the hundreds of staff that are onboard year round. In 2010 you will be able to experience a taste of Europe with 11 night vacations on offer travelling around the Mediterranean.

Whatever cruise ship you decide to take you will definitely have a wonderful experience. The staff will ensure that every need that you have is met and they are always helpful and very cheery. From the housekeeping staff to the Cruise Director everyone will treat you really well.

So if you want the holiday of your dreams then take a cruise but iif you want the holiday of a lifetime then take a Disney Cruise.

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