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Tips When Buying Snowboarding Gear/Equipment

Updated on December 9, 2012

Snowboarding gear

Tips when buying snowboarding equipment

Thinking on how to enjoy the winter weather? During winter many of people find and think of activities that will make them active and enjoy the snow, and snowboarding is one activity that never fails to amuse even the one who is just watching. It can be fun and mostly enjoyable to glide in the snow finding your way and sliding like a pro -- if you practice enough and want to be like a pro. But before you can enjoy the snow and snowboarding, you need to have the proper equipment and the dress to warm you up so that you will be comfortable.

When you go snowboarding these are the things you need:

  • Clothing -- you need to have scarf, gloves, fleece/socks, shirts and T-shirts, jacket or windbreaker, ski boots, goggles, neck warmer and pants for the snow
  • Snowboarding equipment

Snowboard with bindings
Snowboard with bindings

Tips When Buying Snowboarding Equipment


  • You are a beginner if you don't have any experience in snowboarding and the only thing you know is when you experience it in video games -- then use freestyle boards.

Tips when buying snowboarding equipment

  • You can buy during summer so that almost all stores will dispose of the equipments they have, it is more expensive during the season to buy the snowboarding equipment
  • I suggest you buy a new one if you are going to use it always during winter, then buy a good one and invest on it
  • Or if you want second hand, check and canvass on Craig list, eBay or they are also selling at shop at the resort (although this is little bit expensive)
  • Check online sites as there are stores which have up to 50 % sale item

These are the sites which you can find bargain items:

  • It is recommended to buy your ski boots personally so that you know if you are comfortable with it, you can canvass first in the Internet and if you find a brand, buy it at nearest store so that you can fit it properly, but then if you feel confident if you buiy it online so be it.
  • Snowboards for beginners -- mountain/freeride board
  • Expert -- freestyle/park/jib board
  • Snowboards are sized by weight not by height and your riding style
  • Most of the boards will show sizes at the back of them, it is important to check the size charts
  • When buying bindings it should go with your boot size. Always check the size chart on the bindings

Happy snowboarding!


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    • TnFlash profile image

      TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Great Hub! I've always wanted to try snowboarding. It looks like a great time. This has been useful information for me.