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Top 10 Best Cities for Men to Live In

Updated on October 30, 2012
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ChicagoBarcelonaSan FranciscoLondonSydneyNew YorkBerlinHong KongCopenhagenParis
San Francisco
San Francisco
New York
New York
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

 Very few online publications know men better than so that’s a good place to turn when looking for advice. Recently they published their annual list of the best cities to live in. This is a list for guys so if you happen to be a guy that is looking to make a move to some place new then it’s a great starting place for helping you to decide which is the best place to live in right now. And if you’re a lady then you might want to take a look at some of the hottest places to find the kind of guys who are living where every other guy wants to be!

The full list of the 29 top cities in the world can be found here but let’s take a closer look at the top ten places that men might want to call home:

1. Chicago, United States. Chicago has all of the terrific urban features that you’d find in a happening city like Los Angeles or New York and yet it’s located in the Midwest so it’s got a different level of comfort to it. This casual hipness is appealing to many men and makes Chicago the number one city in the world where many men want to make a life. Additionally, it’s a big sports city so even though it’s got high-brow culture and low-brow indie scenes, it’s a good old-fashioned American sporting town at heart.

2. Barcelona, Spain. If you’re a guy who is looking to leave the country then the number one city on your radar should be Spain. It’s a great place for guys because it’s macho-friendly but modernly cultured and it’s filled with beautiful women. Sports, culture, beaches, urban life … it’s all here in this Spanish city and it’s all yours for the taking if you move here.

3. San Francisco, United States. There are many good reasons that San Francisco is ranked among the top cities to live in including that it’s one of the healthiest cities and smartest cities in the United States. Not only is this good for the guys but it means that they’re going to have their pick of some smart, fit women to hang out with while living in this cosmopolitan, free-spirited city.

4. London, United Kingdom. London is considered by many to be one of the most interesting cities in the entire world. It is filled with history and yet it is cutting-edge in its modern ways. It’s friendly but not excessively so. It’s got basically everything you could ever want to find in terms of activities and entertainment. And there are significantly more women than men here so it’s easier than in some other places to get a date.

5.  Sydney, Australia. Do you really have to be sold on the reasons that you might want to move to Sydney? It’s got every benefit that other large cities of the world has but it’s in Australia which is interesting and beautiful and laidback and fun. And this is another city that has a really favorable ratio in terms of many more women than straight men so those guys looking to hook up in their new home will have a good chance here.

6. New York City, United States. New York City isn’t for everyone. It’s busy and loud and expensive and many people find those things to be a turn off. But there are good reasons that so many people flock to this city year upon year including the excitement, the power, the culture, the arts, the energy … if you’ve gone there and you enjoyed it then there’s a good chance that you’d like to live there as well. Men interested in business, fashion or entertainment love this place.

7. Berlin, Germany. says that a core reason that men want to move to Berlin is because the city is known for its smart, creative, multi-cultural women. If you’re in the market for a new lady friend as well as a new home then Berlin could be on your list of places to consider moving in the near future. Oh, and the city is also healthy, “green”, sports-friendly and relatively affordable.

8. Hong Kong, China. Ask most men where they want to move if they’re moving to Asia and they’re going to say Tokyo but apparently Hong Kong is the better choice for guys right now. Described as a place where “east meets west”, it has a lot of unique stuff to offer that men aren’t finding in other places. Plus they say that the ladies here really love foreign guys and in this case, foreign means you.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark. If you’re looking at this list and thinking “London, New York, blah blah blah” then you might want to turn your attention to Copenhagen which is different from the others and yet just as interesting, vibrant and fun. It’s kind of like the hidden gem of great cities to live in and more men are starting to realize that and making the move.

10. Paris, France. Ah, Paris. There are just so many things to see and do in Paris. There is always something going on. But mostly men love this place because it is filled with stylish French women who are creative and always filled with something interesting to say. Again, it’s not the right place for every guy but many will find that it is precisely the perfect place for them.



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  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I am interested and intrigued to learn more about how happy is the most happiest place on earth. Denmark. Thank you very much for this insight. People around could make a comparison.

  • SoManyPaths profile image


    10 years ago from West Coast USA

    I might be going to #6 or #16 soon


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