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Top 5 Family Summer Vacation Destinations

Updated on April 30, 2009

If you are trying to decide on a vacation destination for you and your family, you know that there are endless options to choose from. You will probably consider what part of the country you would like to visit, or what type of activities your family will enjoy the most. While only you can ultimately decide what is best for your family, here are 5 vacation hotspots that are sure to give your family a great vacation.

  1. Campsites
    Sometimes the most basic is also the most fun. Campsites are located in every state all over the country, and are great for convenience and value. A campsite is a great option for a weekend getaway or a longer trip. No matter where you stay, there is sure to be hiking, fishing, swimming, and other activities nearby. Being in the wilderness with your family can be a great stress-reliever, and an evening around a campfire will certainly give your family better quality time together than an evening in front of the TV.
  2. Disney World
    Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is such a popular vacation destination that its name has become almost synonymous with fun. Exciting rides, shows based on your kids’ favorite Disney movies, and encounters with Disney characters create an atmosphere of magic that will captivate your whole family. Disney vacation packages make planning your trip easy, and you can also purchase advance tickets to the park in any Disney Store location throughout the country. Orlando is also home to many other great theme parks that you can visit during your stay. Disney World is an especially popular vacation destination for families with young children.
  3. Washington D.C.
    If you are looking for a great vacation spot for older children, consider a Washington D.C. vacation. Your family will enjoy taking your picture alongside the many monuments, and will deepen your appreciation of U.S. history with many educational displays. Washington D.C. is also a great vacation value, with many free museums, galleries, and other attractions to fill your days. 
  4. Hilton Head, SC
    Hilton Head island, located just off the east coast of South Carolina, is an ideal vacation destination for families. You can spend time at Adventure Cove amusement park, ride bicycles around the island’s perimeter, and visit lighthouses. Sandy beaches and unique restaurants complete the perfect vacation.
  5. Cruise Vacations
    Finally, a family cruise vacation is an ideal vacation option for families who love to spend time together and do not want the hassle of planning a complicated trip. With your meals, transportation, and entertainment provided for you (along with entertainment options at ports), your family will enjoy all the relaxation you crave in a beautiful ocean setting.


Image Credit: AshuGarg, Flickr


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  • DynamicS profile image

    Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Lela, Thanks for the info. It sounds liks solid information. # 3 & 4 will perhaps be featured in our vacation as we are planning to do a road trip to Atlanta. We're planning to go through SC and Dc on our way back.