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Top 5 Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas

Updated on April 14, 2015
The kids and me at The Alamo
The kids and me at The Alamo | Source

The Alamo

Located in the Southwest, the Alamo, famous for what it stands for, it is not a place of victory in war for the Texians (what they called themselves at the time) but is a place of victory of spirit. The story of the Alamo is a story of courage and standing up for what you believe in. It started when Texians ousted Mexicans some months prior to the event in order to establish their independence as a nation. President General Santa Anna of Mexico attacked and battled against the fortifiers of the Mission Alamo for thirteen days during the Texas Revolution in order to take it back for Mexico. What is most impressive is that there were 1,500 Mexican troops battling against little more than a couple hundred men inside the Mission. It is said by most historians that one-third of the Mexicans fighting were killed.

Visit this location for a sense of the regional history and to see real artifacts of the area. Romantic boutique shops are nearby. An indoor mall is a block away but tucked behind aged buildings so there is no commercialism screaming at visitors. Amazing historical hotels are available walking distance to the Alamo and so are ghost tours!

A short walk from the Alamo, is The River Walk - another must-see on the tour of San Antonio.

My daughter runs the length of the aquifer at The Children's Museum.  Learning about aquifers is fun!
My daughter runs the length of the aquifer at The Children's Museum. Learning about aquifers is fun! | Source
My daughters had fun. You can 'fly' a plane at the Children's Museum!
My daughters had fun. You can 'fly' a plane at the Children's Museum! | Source

The San Antonio Children's Museum

In downtown San Antonio, tucked away in what appears to be a small building - but isn't - is The San Antonio Children's Museum . There is so much to do that will entertain any child under twelve, it might easily take three hours to examine all the options available at The San Antonio Children's Museum. From science experiments in air flight, engineering buildings to withstand simulated earthquakes, understanding aquifers, and operating an excavator to dressing in period clothing of the former centuries, examining how to operate and shop in a mock grocery store complete with produce and product "food" aisles, this hands-on environment will stimulating any child into learning while having fun! Even though this is a place designed for younger people, I found myself dressing up, too. This is a choice destination in San Antonio, especially if a family is looking for an air-conditioned alternative to outside sight-seeing.

My daughter boogie-boarded in Port Aransas
My daughter boogie-boarded in Port Aransas | Source

A Nearby Beach Town - Port Aransas

It's a two and a half hour drive out of San Antonio to a town near Corpus Christy called Port Aransas. Here, you can camp on the beach, wade for the length of the nearby pier, catch a small amount of boogie-boarding, if there are any waves to be had but watch out for the biting flies! The water is as warm as bathwater, easily in the 80 degree range. It was a perfect respite for the day before our return to San Antonio. If timing travel for the end of April, there is an annual sand building competition for sand sculpting enthusiasts - The Port Aransas Annual Sandfest.

If You Come In April, Things May Fall From The Sky!

Shopping For Mexican Imports and Local Artisan Ware

Walking along the downtown historic district, there are a myriad of non-commercial shops dotted by familiar spots (like Starbucks) that will offer hand made arts and crafts, antiques and novelties. If you are after something unique, you'll find no shortage of curious choices in San Antonio's downtown district.

So Many Choices, So Little Time

There are more museums, a zoo, dining choices, mansions and tours. With enough financial means, a week would not be enough time to enjoy all that San Antonio and the surrounding area has to offer but, even if you only have a few days, it's well worth the time to see San Antonio. The people are kind and friendly and the weather is delightful in the late Spring and in the years with cooler summers. Find more to explore at the San Antonio calendar of events.

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