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Visiting El Paso, Texas

Updated on June 19, 2013
Beautiful El Paso, Texas
Beautiful El Paso, Texas | Source

Where Is El Paso?

The West Texas city of El Paso is a metropolitan environment on the Rio Grande, the river that separates it from Mexico, it's former mother-land. Located in a desert, the climate is temperate, with rains usually falling between July and September. Daytime temperatures range from the 80's to 110's. Monsoonal thunderstorms in the summer months can lead to occasional unexpected floods. Due to the location of El Paso being so close to Mexico, United States travelers should take care to turn off their roaming feature on their cell phones or risk being charged international fees.

A markerEl Paso, Texas -
El Paso, TX, USA
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I nearly passed El Paso up on a drive from California to the Gulf but I'm certainly glad I made some time to stop. I hadn't learned much about El Paso growing up but I developed a wealth of knowledge by the time I left. El Paso is culturally rich and inviting. I hope you'll have as positive an experience as I did when I visited in historic El Paso.

St. Patrick's Cathedral - El Paso, TX
St. Patrick's Cathedral - El Paso, TX | Source
Wyler Aerial Tramway
Wyler Aerial Tramway | Source

Things To Do In El Paso

There are just too many to list! There are at least four dozen excellent things to do from national parks to museums to exciting adventures. I picked one from each category that I enjoyed most:

  • Travel Adventure - Wyler Aerial Tramway: Take a tramway in the sky to see views of the entire city, the two countries and three states. It's a great time for a newbie to trams but just middle of the road for travelers who have taken trams before. Free entrance. Tram rides: $8 adults, $4 kids.
  • Historical Value - Tigua Indian Cultural Center: Learn about all the area tribes and history dating back hundreds of years. Native Americans on site to share their culture, stories and craft making.
  • Museum Choice - Railroad and Transportation Museum of El Paso: free, donation-based museum with informative docents in period costume and, though small (most El Paso museums are), it's near other area museums if you like museum-hopping.
  • Amusement Fun - Bob O's Fun: mini golf, laser tag, arcade, kiddie rides, bumper boats, go carts, batting cages. A fun indoor alternative for stay and play.
  • Outdoor Nature Site - El Paso Mission Trail: Billy the Kid reenactments happen every third Sunday, April - November. See the jail that Billy the Kid broke out of! Salt War sites. Tigua Indian Cultural Center is along the nine mile trail. Many walk but it can be driven. Follow the nine mile mission trail kept up in excellent shape through the Presidio Fort and art district. Some churches need repair. Others are well restored. All offer historical value. This is not the Alamo. This trail is more like the rest of the mission trails and unlike the tourist trap in San Antonio.

El Paso's Museum of Art
El Paso's Museum of Art | Source

Best Places To Eat in El Paso

... and the winners are (drum roll):

  • El Cuartito Azul - Argentinian cuisine (terrific and middle of the road prices)
  • La Malinche - a five star hole-in-the-wall Mexican eatery (eat fab food on the cheap but the ambiance is low-budget, too)
  • Edge of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon - Texas steakhouse (a bit pricier but very delish!)

Menudo dish for breakfast in El Paso.
Menudo dish for breakfast in El Paso. | Source

In The Southwest

There is more to do, see, and experience in the Southwest:

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