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How far away must I be before a Mama Bear won't START running after me in the woods?

Was hiking in Ft. Huachuca, turned a corner and I saw a 'big wooly mastif' in the middle of the road. Hey - where it's leash? Where's the owner? Oh-uh - that's a BEAR! Less than 500 feet away. I'm 17 minutes from my car. Not being a bear expert - I assumed it was a yearling. Where's it's mama? Could be behind me for all I know! Later, found out that a Black Bear female is only 120 pounds. So it could have been a female bear and not a yearling. Still - should I have RAN AWAY instead of simply turning around & walked away? I did not stay to take pictures.........

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Hiking & Camping Safely in Black Bear Country83

Hiking & Camping Safely in Black Bear Country

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7 years ago