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Discover Videix for a Family Holiday in France

Updated on November 1, 2014
Videix Lake, Limousin, France
Videix Lake, Limousin, France | Source

Videix is the Perfect Destination for Your Family Holidays in France 2013

Videix is a tiny hamlet situated in the Natural Park of Perigord-Limousin on the borders of the regions of Limousin, the Dordogne and the Charente and it's just perfect for family holidays in France all the year round.

In summer the countryside is beautiul and we are surrounded by lush meadows, oak and sweet chestnut woodlands; land of hills and lakes. The rivers are full of fish and the lakes are clean enough to swim in. For a winter break in France Videix is perfect too. Take advantage of being right in between Angouleme and Limoges - only a little further to Cognac and the ancient city of Perigueux - and come to the Christmas markets, see the Christmas lights and join in our festivities.

Limoges, the capital city of Limousin is famous for Limoges porcelain. Check out some of the factory shops as well as the gorgeous boutiques - great for Christmas shopping and gift bargains.

We're lucky enough to have two of the most beautiful villages in France, Brantome and Mortemart, within easy travelling distance and the famous red town of Collonge-la-Rouge is just a day trip away.

Very much closer, only ten minutes from Videix, is the medieval town of Rochechouart with its spectacular chateau, now a centre for contemporary art, and the famous Roman site, Cassinomagus at Chassenon. Videix, though small, is an excellent base for the perfect family holiday in France. There is so much to see and to do here.

Our Bed and Breakfast and holiday cottage, Les Trois Chenes is situated in the centre of Videix.

For more information contact me at, +33 (0)5 55 48 29 84 or take a peek at our website

Image: Kyaking at Videix Lake - great for a family holiday

Christmas Breaks in France

There's Something For Everyone in France's Hidden Region - Limousin is France's best kept secret!

Back Roads of Europe - Limousin, France
Back Roads of Europe - Limousin, France
If you are planning to visit Limousin, you'll need a good guide so that you make the most of your trip. There is just so much to do - but it's all kept rather secret. Plan your stay carefully, check opening times, tricky at best but they also change from summer to winter, and make sure you see all the things that you really love.

Videix is Pretty in the Snow

In 2010 we had more snow than ever before and we took the opportunity to take a magical winter wonderland walk through the coutryside around Les Trois Chenes. See more pictures here: Walking in South West France: Videix in the Snow

This is our church, classified as an 'Ancient Monument'. Little is left of its original splendour, though.

All around Videix there are Christmas markets open during the day and at night. You can buy all those traditional Limousin Christmas treats like Limousin sausages and roasting chestnuts.

At the moment we are closed from 1st November - End of March, but things might change so keep an eye on our website.

The Singing Lake - Videix lake really did 'sing' as it thawed

Videix Lake is Lovely in the Autumn

Videix Lake is Lovely in the Autumn
Videix Lake is Lovely in the Autumn | Source

Where on Earth is Videix? - Les Trois Chenes is half way between Angouleme and Limoges

We are situated in Limousin, but we are right on the borders of the Dordogne and the Charente. We are almost exactly half way between Limoges and Angouleme, Perigueux is just a bit further away. We're on the Route of Richard the Lion Heart and surrounded by medieval castles. Our nearest towns are Rochechouart, Saint Mathieu, Chabanais, Chassenon, Saint Junien, and La Rochechfoucauld.

Les Trois Chenes:

get directions

Historic town with magnificent castle:

get directions


get directions

Classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, (although it's a town really):

get directions

Another of France's most beautiful villages. This is an official classification and not just my pers:

get directions

Another of France's most beautiful villages not too far from Videix:

get directions


Videix is in Limousin "The Lake District of France"

Why stress out when you can relax?

Imagine, a land of lakes and rivers, of miles and miles of sweet chestnut woods and wild flower meadows. Imagine no traffic (just about!), no parking problems, no crime, no holiday swindles and rip-offs. Videix is situated within the Natural Park of Perigord-Limousin, preserved for its beauty and rich fauna and flora. This area is just packed with wild life.

Imagine clean lake beaches and swiming with boats, pedalos, canoës, kyaks and wind surfing for a few euros from the Basse Nautique Lac de Lavaud, the nautical centre on Videix lake. There's so much to do for everyone that enjoys the outdoor life: country walks, riding, fishing, outdoor adventure parks, swimming in either lakes or indoor and outdoor municipal pools.

For the gourmet there are four course French lunches for 11 euros, French wine tax free. The shops still sell real food and you can buy traditional Limousin delicacies in the colourful local markets.

We are rich in culture. Follow the trail of Richard the Lion Heart and see all our magnificent castles, quaint medieval towns, sleepy little villages that still languish in the 19th century. We have museums of porcelain, crafts, beaux-art, geology, (did I mention the meteor?) and so much more.

And in Limousin you'll find real bargains. Cheap family accommodation of the highest standards in the form of gites, self-catering holiday cottages, camping and Bed and Breakfasts.

What could be more perfect than Videix for a family holiday destination?

A Post Card from Videix

A Post Card from Videix
A Post Card from Videix | Source

Keep the Kids Occupied .... - And tire them out at the Lac de Lavaud, (Videix Lake)


Surely this is the secret of a good holiday? There are so many things for the kids of all ages to do. Send them off on pedalos, or hire a giant inflated rubber doughnut - simple but they give hours of fun. This area is so safe that you can let the children have a little independance for a change. All that excercise, all that fresh air, all that good food - what more could you want from a family holiday?

You can relax on the Videix beach

But even at the hight of the season the beaches are not too busy

There are two beaches on the lake, one about five minutes drive from Les Trois Chenes, and one about ten minutes drive. They both have sand, play areas for younger children, café's and swimming. The air is fresh and the water wonderfully clean. In the summer they are perfect for sun bathing, but in winter they become a veritable winter wonderland. All the year around they are extra-ordinarily rich in wild life and are exceptionally good place to bird-watch.

We're in perfect horse country

Take a riding holiday in Limousin

There are two riding stables both about 5 minutes from Les Trois Chenes where you can hire horses by the hour or go pony trekking round the Lac de Lavaud, through the beautiful Limousin countryside for the day or even the week.

Bring your own horses!

At Les Trois Chenes we have stables and a beautiful wild flower meadow so you can take advantage of the excellent bridle ways and our hospitality at the same time.

In Limousin you can afford to buy a house with land and keep your own horses

The housing is cheap here and land plentiful. Where else could you buy a lovely farm house with hectares of land for less than 100 K euros? So it stands to reason that with a green landscape full of fresh water and hay meadows will attract people who love horses.

Limousin is the perfect place to get into shape: A Vacation in France for Fitness and Health

Beautiful Cards and Gifts from Limousin

This image and so many more

Yes, I've been busy taking photographs of this wonderful part of France and I've posted these on my Les Trois Chenes store at Zazzle so that you can have a little bit of Limousin for yourself.

You can find my pictures on greetings cards and a whole lot of gifts and items that range from T Shirts and key rings to aprons and phone covers. Why don't you take a look? There's something for everyone, and all the items can be customised to make them super-personal. A lovely gift for someone extra-special.

Riding at Videix Lake

Riding at Videix Lake
Riding at Videix Lake

Super Firework Festivals - Come and celebrate July 14th in France

You really must make an effort to be in France on July 14th. There is a spectacular firework display every year outside Rochechouart Castle. These pictures, though, were taken at the Videix August communal meal in August where fireworks are set off over the Lake of Lavaud.

Country Walks for Everyone - Really enjoy the natural assests of the Limousin countryside


Walking is trully a delight here. So many well cared for and well-signed paths and bridleways. Although there are gently rolling hills, the landscape lends itself to leisure walking and you'll love the fields, lakes, streams and shady woodlands and the total peace and quiet.

Videix Village Events and Markets


Every year Videix holds a Vide Grenier or 'Empty Your Attic', France's equivalent to a car boot sale, where you can pick up some real French treasures. Every barn here is stuffed with the most amazing stuff from yester-year.

The French Love Their Markets - Videix food market at a fair


Have a look at some of the food on sale at the Christmas market in Saint Junien Christmas Markets in Limousin

We are just thirty minutes from one of the biggest markets in the region. Every Wednesday morning the whole town of Piegut-Pluviers in the Dordogne is taken over by a fabulous market where you can buy anything from fish to fish and chips. Herbs, plants, bread, all sorts of traditional food, clothes, shoes, crafts ......

Market Day at Piegut-Pluviers

Market Day at Piegut-Pluviers
Market Day at Piegut-Pluviers | Source

Twice a Year We Hold Communal Dinners by the Lake - A local event but you can join in


More About Videix and Our Region - We are on the borders of Limousin, the Charente and the Dordogne

Here are just a few of the fabulous places you can visit within about an hour and a half radius of here - maximum: The roman baths, Casinomagus at Chassenon, Rochechouart with its magnificent castle, Chalus where King Richard the Lion Heart was killed, Limoges famous for its porcelain, Angouleme and Perigueux. Saint Junien and La Rochefoucauld are just thirty minutes away and you can travel to two of the villages classified as the most beautiful in France: Brantome and Mortemart.

Has this 'tip of the iceberg' list whetted your appetite?

Chateau de Rochechouart - Centre for Contemporary Art

Chateau de Rochechouart - Centre for Contemporary Art
Chateau de Rochechouart - Centre for Contemporary Art | Source

Where to stay in Videix - Les Trois Chenes Bed and Breakfast

B and B Limousin

At our Bed and Breakfast in Videix, Limousin, you can step back in time to enjoy painting and drawing the beautiful landscape at the heart of rural France. Be inspired by our chateaux and lakes, indulge in our delicious local specialities and traditional dishes. Relax in our charming farmhouse Bed & Breakfast and Gite accommodation. Where our lawns and gardens end - Limousin begins.


Or Perhaps Our Three Star Holiday Cottage ***

Gite in Limousin

We also have a self-catering holiday cottage which is totally independent of the main house. You might also call it a 'vacation rental', 'holiday villa', or, in French, a 'gite'.

Our gîte in Videix was finished in 2010 and is enjoying it's third year now. There are three en-suite bedrooms, two double and one with three single beds. We can accommodate up to seven adults, and in addition can provide cots and folding beds for younger children and babies.

Outside Children can play safely on the extensive, fenced lawns,(800 m2 approx.). You can relax in the garden which has garden furniture and there's a small barbeque for outdoor cooking. You can even pick your own fruit from peach trees and the grape vines that shade the terrace. There are swings and a new trampoline, the kids just love this, in a separate play area, (shared with the main house), and you have a private parking space next to the gite.

From the patio there are views of our flower meadow and three oaks, and beyond that are the fields of Limousin.

The Gite is Beautiful Inside

The gite is beautiful inside
The gite is beautiful inside | Source

Book Now!

Don't leave it too late. Bookings for the gite are going fast and the B&B and painting holidays are filling up nicely too.

Be an early bird and contact me now ...

We are Half Way Between Brantome and Mortemart

We are half way between Brantome and Mortemart
We are half way between Brantome and Mortemart | Source

Brantome Dordogne - Classified as One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France - Brantome is in the Dordogne, just over an hour from Les Trois Chenes

... and in the oppostie direction, about forty minutes from Videix is another village that is also classified as one of the most beautiful in France, Mortemart. See the map for directions.

Photos of Les Trois Chenes B&B and Holiday Cottage - Hard to choose!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Born to be Wild! Harley Davidson Outside Les Trois Chenes

Born to be Wild! Harley Davidson Outside Les Trois Chenes
Born to be Wild! Harley Davidson Outside Les Trois Chenes | Source

My one Top Tip of What to Pack for your Vacation - Love to read but don't want to carry a heap of books?

Small reader that you can load up with thousands of books and pop them into your handbag.

Have you fallen in love with Videix?

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