How early should I get to the airport? Avoid jetting through strangers

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    Chloe Nicoleposted 4 years ago

    Now, we all have this idea in our head that waiting around is the worst waste of time imaginable. Wanna know what's worse? Waiting for a standby flight.

    When you miss a flight you are put on stand by, basically you wait to get on the next flight headed to your destination and hope to God that it's not a full flight. This could take hours - days even.

    So what do you do? We are all in search for the perfect time which will be the median between waiting far to long, and well, ultimately waiting far to long for a different flight.

    Some things to take into consideration when deciding on how early you'll be getting to the airport:

    "How packed is this place going to be?" Are you going around a major holiday or maybe even a four day weekend? Might want to add an extra half hour.

    "How big is this airport?" Are you flying out of a major international airport or are you in the middle of no where that its a surprise you have an airport? The more people there, the longer you'll be waiting to get through security.

    "Do I have my boarding pass?" Or is it something I need to pick up? If so. Add another 15-40 minutes depending on the size of the airport.

    "To check bags or not to check bags?" It's convenient to throw your bags at a stranger and tell them, give them back when I get to my destination! Especially when nowadays airlines are offering this free for the first or second bag you have. Not only do you need to plan ahead on timing, but decide if this is really the route you want to go, because, if you have a few layovers your bag might not be following the route you desire. The more times you change plans, the more chances you're giving the airlines to lose your luggage!

    "How well do I know the airport?" Do you know where the terminal you need is? Do you know the gates like the back of your hand? If so, that saves loads of times! Definitely look up your airport beforehand if it has multiple terminals!

    ***As much as layovers suck, it's definitely something you might want to try to save hundreds on your flight!

    If you're going to a smaller airport, 1 1/2hours should be sufficient. A major airport, 2 1/4hours.

    Good luck, safe travels, and remember - a sudoku book is your friend as you wait for your flight!

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      Rochelle Frankposted 4 years agoin reply to this

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