Questions About Missed Flights

  1. talfonso profile image81
    talfonsoposted 6 years ago

    Most of you have seen this YouTube video of a woman throwing a huge fit like a toddler. You might have seen it in the news, or read it in articles. When I saw this one, I laughed, but I feel for her. I wished that would have been at the same airport as her and done surrogate Emotional Freedom Technique (tapped on myself to calm her down) so she could be calmer.

    I also found it to be a great teaching moment as well. The TSA recommends that you should arrive 2 hours at the airport for domestic flights, 3 for international ones.

    But what if you missed a flight? The best way is to stay calm - taking deep breaths or doing EFT can help. If you were to miss your flight, how do you react? If you have seen anyone rant at staff or in that woman's case, throw a tantrum, would you ignore them or do something?

    1. Priyankaa Bee profile image60
      Priyankaa Beeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The more the customers irritates the more attention he/she'll gets and sometime this noises can make the staff would want to get rid of them faster. If they shout, they might get their demand answered.
      Or some airline staff would purposely ignored them and they'll rather help those nice, kind and understanding customers with free upgrade to next higher class - First or Business class. So it all depends of the handling staff's judgement...

  2. Cathy I profile image75
    Cathy Iposted 6 years ago

    Actually I did not see the video, but I did have a career in the Airline industry for more than 12 years.  Ranting and raving at any one if you miss your flight, will not change the fact, so it would be best to stay calm and remain courteous and polite so that a staff member will be willing to go the extra mile to try and find other options for you.

    Of course, if you checked in late, you could only hope to get on another flight if there are available seats, or to wait as a "standby" passenger. Sometimes, there may not be another flight to that destination, so you may have to rebook your flight.  This situation emphasizes the need to give yourself enough time to get to the Airport if there is a big traffic delay or other happening.

    However, if you missed your connecting flight because the inbound flight was late, that's a different situation, and if you are travelling with the same airline, they would usually arrange accomodation for you if there is no other flight on that day .   

    I would not however suggest doing "something" because an enraged passenger might just transfer their rage to you if you were to approach them.  Most people usually calm down once they realize that all the shouting and swearing yields no results.