DIY or Buying Hats for a Disney Park Trip or a Cruise

  1. talfonso profile image87
    talfonsoposted 4 years ago

    I sometimes buy Disney hats. The last time I bought one from an official retailer was at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney in 2006. It was a Pluto hat. Even if it cost $20 at the time, it it has ever since added charm to my wardrobe when in the Parks.

    My recent Disney hat purchase was from (surprise surprise) the Salvation Army Family Store. It was a VIP viewer's hat for the Broadway musical adaptation of The Lion King. It cost about $5 at the time of purchase. Impressive! That was the fraction of a hat sole in Disney-owned stores. I took it one step further and festooned it with rhinestones. Rhinestones. Those are mostly Korean with some Swarovski thrown in to create an animal print. That gave me an idea: making my own Disney hats or embellishing the ones I've already have.

    Oh, and I initialed the back of the Pluto hat with small Swarovski flatbacks in the same color as a watermark. (I love bling, and this is proof.)

    Do you wear hats to the Disney Parks or on the Disney Cruise Line ships? If so, do you buy them or make your own?