The Erawan Shrine - Bombed Today 17th August 2015

  1. Greensleeves Hubs profile image98
    Greensleeves Hubsposted 2 years ago

    To friends in Thailand and to any others who are interested:

    The Erawan Shrine is one of the most charming places in Thailand, a tiny Hindu-Buddhist shrine on the corner of one of Bangkok’s busiest intersections. It is a really attractive place of worship which attracts many thousands of people every day. For foreign visitors like myself it is a chance to see genuinely authentic Thai culture in the heart of modern commercial Bangkok. For local Buddhists it is a place of quiet contemplation in the busy city and a place to pray for good fortune. Many devout followers go there during their lunch hours or after work in the evening to make offerings or to pray.

    A few years ago I wrote a hub about the particular appeals as I see it of this little shrine which is one of my favourite locations in all of Bangkok. It includes a video (not mine) which captures the atmosphere of the shrine, and may help non-Thais to understand its appeal if you choose to read. I have been there on several occasions, and have always found it an uplifting place to visit.

    My deepest sympathies go out to the people of Bangkok, the relatives and friends of the victims, and also I must mention the dancers and musicians who work at the shrine, and whom I have seen perform many times.

    As for the people who perpetrated this bombing, they are - like all terrorists - disgusting unfeeling nonhuman beings who deserve neither sympathy nor understanding for their cause. There should be no compromise and no tolerance of their behaviour. I hope the shrine is back in service very soon, so that their vile behaviour is seen to have failed. The next time I go to Bangkok, the Erawan Shrine will be one of the very first places I will visit.

  2. pramodgokhale profile image46
    pramodgokhaleposted 2 years ago

    We interact after long period , i visited Bangkok  long back and i found Thailand is peace loving country. I am Indian Hindu  so my affection towards such historical shrines and religious places., yesterdays blast made me sad.
    Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam are our east Asian brothers and thousand years cultural association with India and flourished trade and commerce.
    Blast  might have many sinister designs or plans to divide people and unrest in small nation.
    I hope,  Thailand will come out of this shock and rebuild old shrines and display world as lodestar of peace and harmony.