Who had thier dream vacation this year? and where?

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    Emily White0018posted 9 months ago

    People share your experience if you were lucky in going to your dream place this year

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    kellyksposted 8 months ago

    Hi there dear! I had my dream vacation just 2 weeks back when I went to Prague with my friends and trust me we just had a blast there. Prague is a beautiful city in the Central Europe. It is also the capital city as well as one of the largest cities of the country. The mesmerizing city with beautiful mix of golden-tipped towers and exotic church domes, walled courtyards and cathedrals and majestic castles and bright and charming atmosphere, attracts lot of tourists every year. This city is not only culturally rich but also known for its music, art, fine dining and exotic places making it a perfect travel destination. Prague hosts a well-organized arrangement of public transportation methods for its tourists and citizens. We took bicycles and toured around in the city. There are a number of places which were worth seeing there and we explored them all ourselves. The major tourist attraction is the Prague Castle as it is an ancient architecture design. It is a vast complex of huge edifices connected together by internal courtyards. One must also visit the Lennon Wall or popularly known as John Lennon Wall situated in Malá Strana which is a John Lennon inspired graffiti decorated wall. It is gaining prominence as a symbol of love and peace among the youth. John Lennon has inspired many people with his songs and poems relating to freedom. It was then the pop songs were banned in Prague especially Lennon’s as it was considered provoking. The other most thought provoking place was the Old Jewish Cemetery where the graves are piled up on each other. This was because the rulers of Prague did not let Jews bury their dead.  There were lot many tourist destinations and sightseeing places but these 3 had me really startled.