How do I delete an article?

  1. DawnBonner profile image57
    DawnBonnerposted 8 years ago

    How do I delete an article?

    I don't want to take the time to, yet again redo the Tech article--as it has been rewritten--and you are still saying it shows up as duplicate content AND it is not informational BUT strictly promoting one product--even though it explains a product and shows different ways to used it as well as what it is about.

    I would like to delete it, but don't see where to do so.

    I deleted the category--thinking it would delete the article, but it didn't.

    And, now I can't submit this without choosing the category below so I chose travel & places randomly.

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    IĆ°unnposted 8 years ago

    You can always edit any Hub, so take the extra one and edit the Hub.  When in edit, click on "Unpublish", or you can choose "delete Hub" if you wish to delete it totally.

  3. privateye2500 profile image42
    privateye2500posted 8 years ago

    It is really easy.  There are 2 wats; I'll tell you the easiest one.  Here's how - step by step:

    Log into your account and go to *my account* - once there you see all of your hubs.  Find the hub you want to delete. (Use the search function if you have a LOT of hubs.)

    Click on the hub and it will open - at the tope you will see the options of:

    edit stats delete