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How to make a trip to Washington DC affordable

  1. RGraf profile image93
    RGrafposted 8 years ago

    How to make a trip to Washington DC affordable

  2. lrohner profile image82
    lrohnerposted 8 years ago

    Definitely, go when Congress is not in session. I went just after they got out, and stayed in The George with my kids for peanuts, and then rented a stretch limo for 1/2 day to take us all around to the monuments and stuff for a mere $50!!!

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      slowlaneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I'm puzzled.  You actually rented a stretch limo to drive in congested downtown Washington D.C.?  Wasn't it very hard to fit into parking spaces and tight traffic situations everywhere?  Is your family so very large that they need all that room?

  3. Tamarii2 profile image61
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    Go camping style.pack all your food...find good camping grounds....tour city....park... ride local trains....its fun...Do research..on camp sites Its rewarding....enjoying the journey peace.

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    deb 1980posted 8 years ago

    I live ten minutes from D.C. You can stay in luxury accommodations for less if  you don't actually stay in the city. Metro is pretty cheap and you can get anywhere you need to go with minimal walking. Dining out is pretty standard pricing depending on the type of restaurant; ie Fridays and Uno's don't overcharge just because they're in the city. There are however many higher-end places and less places like McDonald's. Don't eat at any of the places at the museums, zoo, or whatever because the Air & Space museum will charge $7 for a happy meal (just FYI). If you plan where you want to go check out the website first because some museums charge (national SPY Museum being one).  I hope this helps

  5. stacies29 profile image75
    stacies29posted 8 years ago

    If you get a hotel I highly recommend The Red Roof Inn In Chinatown.  If you do your research they have a lot of affordable rooms with flatscreens and web tv, wireless internet and more. It is very clean and the staff is nice. They also have a laundry room on every other floor of this very affordable hotel. Also most of the museums are free but the one's that are not are still affordable with discounts for kids and seniors. Haines Point or East Potomac Park is a very cheap way to relax on a nice day and you can take your grills and tents etc.and just have a affordable ball watching the boats and fishing.