have there been any problems with specialty travel inc.

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    jlewandowskiposted 8 years ago

    have there been any problems with specialty travel inc.

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    mackyiposted 8 years ago

    This question really caught me by surprise! My first reaction after reading this request was "why this question?" To be honest, I didn't even knew anything about Specialty Travel inc, until it was mentioned in this request. In an attempt to honor this request, I decided to do a little research.
    The only information I was able to gather in reference to Specialty Travel inc, was that this travel business specializes in group travel including incentives travel, conferences, seminars at sea, meeting planning, employee benefit programs and family reunions.

    As far as problems are concerned, I was not able to identify any so far. I saw a few positive things however. There was a phone number listed, an email address, a physical address of business operation, a website with photographs of the President/owners and others.

    I tried to rate this cruise business, but no negative comment returned. The Testimonials were all positive!