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The best places to visit in Boston?

  1. ethel smith profile image79
    ethel smithposted 7 years ago

    The best places to visit in Boston?

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    Charlinexposted 7 years ago

    It depends on what you like. Whale watching is one of the options. Personally I wish I could have spend more time on Harvard campus. I was accepted by one of its graduate schools but didn't go.

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    BenjaminBposted 7 years ago

    The Chelsea Food Market. It is a commercial market open to the public to buy fresh anything you could imagine. It is fenced in and will take a fee to get in, but for a food adventure it may be worth it.

  4. point2make profile image82
    point2makeposted 7 years ago

    A walk along the Charles river has always been a favorite of mine. Of course there is always Fenway for the sports minded. The waterfront behind the aquarium is  a great spot also. There are so many places in Boston to enjoy and visit. It really depends on what you are interested in and how long you have to visit.

  5. GGtimeshares profile image59
    GGtimesharesposted 7 years ago

    Boston have lots of great places for sight seeing. You can go to New England Aquarium, Boston National Historical Park, Boston Children's Museum, Paul Revere House and many more.

  6. kiwi91 profile image78
    kiwi91posted 7 years ago

    I'd say the best places to visit are, in no particular order, Fenway Park, the North End (great authentic Italian food), the Charles River waterfront, Newbury Street, Copley Square, Boston Common, and the Long Wharf area.

    For particular places to visit as in tourist attractions, then the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, the Boston Harbor Islands (and the boat tours offered through October), Hanover Street, and Fenway probably top the list.

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    wmtravelposted 7 years ago

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