It appears that your last post was several months ago. How are things going for

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    Kerusaposted 7 years ago

    It appears that your last post was several months ago.  How are things going for you now?

    I also met and fell in love with a Finnish man and we've been discussing moving to Finland together.  So I've been reading your posts with great interest.  Thanks for the inspired posts.

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    Cheekymazposted 7 years ago


    So far so good, 5 months in Finland, and a very positive feeling about it. People speak English a bit less than I was expecting, but nevertheless I manage to go by very well, and people are mostly very friendly and helpful. At least here, in the West of Finland. I don't know how things are elsewhere, people could be different as they sometimes are in most countries, but I don't see why they should be less friendly anyhow. (I might be a bit biased as I truely have a passion for this country!)

    If you are planning on coming to Finland to live, I believe you should really look into how it works for Social Security and what documents you should bring to be able to go to Kela. I am a member of the European Union myself, and I haved lived with my boyfriend for 2 years before I came, so it was a little bit easier I believe... See if this can be of any help.$file/kun_muutat_suomeenEN.pdf

    I have started a finnish course in September. You have to be ready to learn this language if you really want to live here. It is quite a difficult language to learn unfortunately,but it is also a place where you can meet people in the same situation you are, which is kind of comforting in a way.

    Be prepared however, to feel foreign. I have read in several places that the Finns were racist. So far I have felt none of it, as they have always made an effort to understand and help me when I was on my own and needed to ask questions... However, I do feel foreign because I don't speak, nor understand yet, their language. I spent 6 years in the UK before, I'm French, and never really felt foreign because my English is excellent. It was my major at university... But I now have to face the language barrier, and I realise that it IS what makes you feel foreign!

    I hope this reply gives you a better idea of living in Finland, on a human basis at least. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, and I think I will make a new hub with more details about my 5 months here.

    Thanks for you very nice comments by the way!

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