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When planning your vacation what it takes to choose a destination and not the ot

  1. Paul Berod profile image69
    Paul Berodposted 7 years ago

    When planning your vacation what it takes to choose a destination and not the others?

  2. Cellebrate! profile image74
    Cellebrate!posted 7 years ago

    first, do some research on the top vacation destinations in the world ( if you can afford to travel the world) or within your continent. Planning your vacation should involve a lot of research in terms of what to expect and the costs it will entail.
    Word of mouth ( experiences that your family or friends tell you about) also is one source of choosing your destination. Whatever interests you should point you to where you are going. For example, if you the beach, then definitely, when you plan, you should look out for countries or places where you can find them. List your choices and based on costs, or interesting sights, etc, you can now trim down your choices until you get to you desired destination.

  3. sarclair profile image79
    sarclairposted 7 years ago

    An honest answer from me would be, the pictures. If it's a hard choice to make, I look up more pictures.

  4. sadidas profile image50
    sadidasposted 7 years ago

    preferably a place i have never been before

  5. ttrash profile image57
    ttrashposted 7 years ago

    The money and the distance. Even if I could afford it, I would try to limit the number of overseas holidays I took in order to reduce fuel consumption.

  6. BobBigWheel profile image57
    BobBigWheelposted 7 years ago

    I really like searching around for user reviews of the hotel, event, whatever, you plan on visiting or using during your trip.

    For example, the user reviews on a site like Expedia for all-inclusive resorts, I find as being extremely useful.  You can get real pictures, and numerous opinions from regular people who visited the resort.  I find it much more insightful that reading the resort website or guide books.