Step to visit Norway and when decided, stay to live? How?

  1. Christopher J. profile image57
    Christopher J.posted 7 years ago

    Step to visit Norway and when decided, stay to live?

    Many people likes to travel and planificate where to settle to start a new life. People like me has chosen Norway to make a living. So I think I should visit the land at least. Though, I come from Puerto Rico and I'm just 20. However, Norway is the best place for me. I need help from people, I don't have experience on this. How can I travel to at least visit Norway? Which are the steps? Thank you.

  2. carrentalinfo profile image59
    carrentalinfoposted 7 years ago

    firstly inform your self if you can travel to Norway on embassy or if you need visa of any kind.
    check your passport (expiry date, some countries will demand that your passport is valid even 6 months after you already visited NOrway)
    Save a lot of money as NOrway is  very expensive (hotels, food,transport,  fuel, etc)
    if you would like a cheaper option you can check couchsurfing site, where you can sleep over with local people if both agree to this.
    As a foreigner you should be starting learning Norweigan language, browse forumes , find some expats that live in NOrway.
    It will probably be hard to obtain working visa.