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    tranlieuposted 8 years ago

    German Vietnamese Community Development Organization says hello to all of you. In case you don’t know, we’re running a traveling program in Vietnam which is a combination of touring and volunteering directs to local community and international friendship. If you are interested in helping unfortunates and enjoying a different Asia, here this trip designed just for you. There are diverse tours in many regions of Vietnam allow you to turn up all about its unique features and leave your mind unforgettable experiences. More importantly, the trip will be a practical activity to Vietnam residents and their lives as well to prove that how meaningful this world is!
    Thank for your time and concern, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Your Gift to the Community
    The German Vietnamese Community Development Organization (GEF e.V.) is running a program in Vietnam, which is a combination of education, health care and social initiatives established to support the local Vietnamese community.  If you are interested in an opportunity to experience Asia, while at the same time help those less fortunate, the GEF e.V.'s "Second Home" project is just the volunteer trip for you.
    Established in Germany, the GEF e.V. has implemented numerous projects helping those in Vietnam who are sick, disabled, and less fortunate, live better lives.  The Second Home project is our important program-in-progress, aiming to rear and train orphans, unprivileged and disabled children.  These children live under harsh conditions without the care of blood relatives, often facing cruel discrimination in the community.  We want to make sure that they will not be exploited, will not be beaten, and will have the opportunity to go to school, learn, and play in a safe and loving environment. 
    When they become a part of The Second Home project, they ultimately find a place to call home, where they will be loved and cared for by our dedicated staff.  Our hope is that their mental and physical pain will be replaced with bright smiles and hopeful futures.
    You might wonder what you can do as a member of The Second Home project?  Here are some of the activities that you will take part in:
    -         Provide the children with a ride to school.
    -         Teach the children English.
    -         Engage in recreational activities such as outdoor games, sports, etc.
    -         Help with general responsibilities such as assisting with homework, washing clothes, etc. 
    -         Distribute foods to kidney disease patients.
    -         Enjoy weekend trips around Hanoi, the capital, and to rural Bat Trang pottery village, a well known traveling point famous for its sophisticated ceramics, made under the skillful hands of local craftsman.  You will also have an unforgettable ride in a buffalo cart – a quite unique vehicle.
    This experience will provide you with the chance to understand more about Vietnam - the most peaceful country in the world, famous for its hospitality.
    So, what are you waiting for?
    By volunteering to be a part of the Second Home Project, you will have the very meaningful and rewarding opportunity to help those in need.  You will become mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, to these precious children.  You will be contributing to bettering their lives, and will also be helping to make the world, in general, a better place.   
    If you would like to see the Second Home Project's powerful PowerPoint presentation, or for a copy of GEF e.V's brochure,

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    ScarletRyan1970posted 8 years ago


    Too long to read.No one is going to volunteer anymore.Why should we have to pay a couple of thousand dollars to head off to Volunteer.You guys should at least pay for our flights and give us a few quid pocket money.
    Charity begins at home.