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What is your ultimate retirement location?

  1. Jason Marovich profile image88
    Jason Marovichposted 6 years ago

    What is your ultimate retirement location?

    If you could choose a location anywhere in the world, and imagining there is no cost of living or financial concerns, which would you choose as the best place to live upon retiring from work.  Please respond with more exact locations such as cities, landmarks, geographical locales, etc.

  2. JKenny profile image93
    JKennyposted 6 years ago

    If I didn't have to worry about money, then I would love to find a quiet corner of the New Forest in Hampshire, England and retire there. The New Forest is a vast forest, popular with tourists, and what's really cool about it, is that you have free roaming Cattle and Horses, and an abundance of wildlife. Its on the southern coast of England about twenty or so miles west of Portsmouth.

  3. NewHorizons profile image80
    NewHorizonsposted 6 years ago

    I choose Gozo.  If you have never heard of Gozo, it is the smaller sister of Malta.  Gozo is only 9 miles by 5, really tiny.  It is situated 60 miles south of the toe of Sicily, hence at the southernmost point of the EU.   I am from Gozo myself and am happy to say that we enjoy an easy life since owing to its small size we are not hampered by distances. We have free health services and hospitalization, various other social services including pensions.  Ex-pats especially those coming from other countries of the EU enjoy the same life-style and advantages. In fact I call Gozo, God's Own Zone Obviously, and I have built a Website about this island where I have lived all my life...http://www.gozo-malta-reality-tour.com

  4. Paul Kuehn profile image94
    Paul Kuehnposted 6 years ago

    Bangkok, Thailand area.  I retired here almost five years ago and have no regrets.  I like it here because my wife is Thai and the weather is good for me.  I had too much cold dreary weather when I was younger, and I enjoy the tropical climate here.  The people are great and there are just so many more things I can do here than if I retired in the States.

  5. bankscottage profile image96
    bankscottageposted 6 years ago

    Summers in retirement will be spent at our camp on Toddy Pond in Surry, ME, not far from the ocean and Acadia National Park.  That's my hammock in the picture overlooking the lake.  The sun sets just over the hills in the distance.  Couldn't find a better place to spend summers.

    Winters haven't been worked out yet.  I am hoping to explore the possibilities of spending extended periods of time in Belize or Costa Rica. The other choice would be traveling to a variety of locations around the country or around the world.

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